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Mary Louise Michie; career ended

A bit of a disturbing story coming out of the Northern Territory today; a long serving Teacher, possessing an excellent record, has been placed on a good behaviour bond (and can never teach again) because a student sustained the grievous injury of … a swollen thumb. There are many things wrong with this story and fault lays all over the place – but to think a teacher’s career can be ended instantly (as you’ll see below) over such an incredibly minor instance is mind-boggling to say the least.



This image has a lot of wasted space. Like the VIT itself.

There is a government created organisation in the area of the world where I live called the Victorian Institute of Teaching.  This entire entry is merely an exercise in pointing out how entirely unnecessary and generally useless the group is, serving no useful service and instead only acting as a waste of resources for actual teachers.  So what does the V.I.T. do and what does its existence mean for teaching professionals?