Net-Case: Nathan Gray

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Atheism, Evolution, Religion, Reviews, Science

The world is full of ignorant people. This is unfortunate and can only be combated through a decent education system and disparagement of the spreading of falsehoods. Sadly, a lot of people seem to revel in their own ignorance; arguing from a position of impotency and prejudice. These bastions of stupidity, to put it bluntly though it is not necessarily an entirely accurate term, must be showcased and thus corrected – and that is what I shall do here and now, with one entry from the blog of Nathan Gray ‘Othodoxy, among other things: a manifesto’.

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From the story about the current floods in Queensland:

You know you’re in Australia when even road signs have to be censored:

F*ck, Road Closed!

Even Optimus facepalms at the stupidity

Oddly relating to the last entry, the Telegraph (that’s a British newspaper, so American readers will have to cope with the -our suffixes. Oh, suck it up!) is reporting on Christians who feel like they are being discriminated against … mostly when they are trying to discriminate against other people. Irony sense … tingling!

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The Herald-Sun (yes, I know it is a terrible paper with a reading age of about eight but that is another matter) and The Australian (alright, that isn’t a good paper either) are reporting that religious based charities will be allowed to discriminate against homosexual couples who seek to adopt children. This sort of thing is something that tends to annoy me no end; on one hand charities say they are there to help one and all … but not those people over there, they’re not like us so can go elsewhere. It is pretty standard this days that you can discriminate on the basis of gender, religious beliefs, nationality and (shock! Horror!) sexual preference.

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Who Christmas is really about

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Comedy, Comics, Religion

Someone told me that Christmas is about the most awesome person who has ever lived; apparently he has done absolutely remarkable things, protects the innocent and combats evil where-ever he may be! He does all this without being seen and never, ever gives up!

I thought about this for a few moments and then I realised who Christmas is all about!

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As he does every year, the Pope (you know, the guy who really looks like the Emperor from Star Wars) has performed the Catholic ritual of mumbling some words and hoping really hard some stuff changes.

This year he has reserved some specific words for oppressors and other folk who he sees as bad. This I find somewhat humorous since the Catholic church seems to make regular habit of trying to oppress the rights and freedoms of various people; homosexuals, women, etc etc.

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This entry being written on Christmas might be of interest to some but it should not be surprising. Last night the annual ‘Carols by Candlelight’ event was televised across the country; I sat and watched some of it and it spurned forth a number of questions and lines of thought.

The first thing that struck me was the amount of lies being communicated throughout the evening, and even the entire festive season for that matter, especially aimed at children. Nothing that is built upon a lie is good. Ends do not justify the means, especially in this case. So why persist in the nonsense that is ‘Santa Clause’? It certainly sets a bad precedent in terms of trust between parents and child; if a parents lies to a child about what is considered an important time of the year then what else is false? There is absolutely no reason that a parent cannot say that Christmas is just a celebration where people try to be as kind to each other as they can. There is no need for the lies and falsehoods. Whatever shape they may take.

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