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Just a quick announcement: I have set up a seperate blog to address a certain type of argument that I am trying.  This blog is The Church of Optimus Prime, established … well, the about page of the new blog explains it well enough.

The purpose of this satirical website is to demonstrate the foundamental silliness of most (if not all) arguments made by religious fundamentalists to support the existence of their chosen deity.  This is done initially by applying those same arguments to another entity; in this case Optimus Prime.  Secondly, the moral teachings/principles of Optimus Prime are used to demonstrate that if a figure had to be worshipped then he would make a far better choice than most (if not all) deities currently reverred.

The first new entry is simply titled Optimus Prime: Better than the Christian God.


I am sure, at one time or another, you have tried that little game where you quickly change channels during an ad break to see what hilarious statements/stories you find through the jumbling of letters. For example; “Today at Seers my pants / were on fire, fire crews stated / won’t someone thinking of the children?!”

You get the general idea.  While quickly flicking through some blogs (Firefox’s tabbed browser system made this even better), I came across this small example of such which nearly made my spit my coffee over my monitor.

Which is the way to god please?”    “It’s the vagina stupid

 Now that would make for an interesting Sundat service sermon!

I grew up in the 80’s, the decade of … well, some really embarrassing things.  But one of the great things about the 80’s was, of course, The Transformers.  In 1986 or so, the Transformers Movie came out and included a fantastic fight scene between Optimus Prime and Megatron.  It seems to have been improved on in the following video and really makes me wish the latest TF movie was based on the Generation 1 characters.


I have taken a casual interest in the whole Anonymous vs. Scientology situation that seems to have arisen of late.  Now it will all probably blow over without that much fuss or concern but it does have some rather interesting facets to it. Herein lies silliness, war, interesting uses of technology and criminal behaviour.



Posted: August 30, 2007 in Blogs worth reading, News, Other good sites

This blog was started in June of 2006 just as a way of killing time and to ramble on about whatever came to mind.  Today it received it’s 20,000th visitor.

For a blog which is basically about nothing, I don’t think that’s too bad. Heh.

Really, I’m not dead. I have just neglected this blog things because, quite frankly, I’ve had little to say and I’ve been otherwise busy. So let’s see what’s been happening and what is set to happen:


Silence. Lack of posts.  Why?

Computer upgrade! Just working out the bugs in my new PC, getting things working just right. Making tweaks here and there, trying new settings, seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Making human sacrifices.  Instead of a nearly five year old P3 866, I am now using a P4 3ghz machine with a gig of RAM.   There is a noticable difference in what it can handle, as you might imagine.   Just waiting on the final component, a rather nice video card, to arrive and then it shall be complete.