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Convenient chart of bat-convenience

Some time back I created a quick comparison, for satirical purposes, between Autobot Leader Optimus Prime and Christian Leader Jesus Christ (there is even a useful pictorial chart for convenience). This comparison showed that if you wish to live by the example of a particular character than you would indeed be much better off going with the Peter Cullen voiced bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. If nothing else, he can give you a lift down-town whilst his opponent could do nothing of the sort.

This time we take a look at the Dark Knight Crusader vs. Jesus Christ. Which possesses the better philosophy? Which has the better track record and achievements? Who has the cooler car? And, most importantly, who serves as a better role model and example for humanity?



From the story about the current floods in Queensland:

You know you’re in Australia when even road signs have to be censored:

F*ck, Road Closed!

Who Christmas is really about

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Comedy, Comics, Religion

Someone told me that Christmas is about the most awesome person who has ever lived; apparently he has done absolutely remarkable things, protects the innocent and combats evil where-ever he may be! He does all this without being seen and never, ever gives up!

I thought about this for a few moments and then I realised who Christmas is all about!


The Chaser’s War On Everything is an Australian Television Comedy series which is often pretty controversial (but also usually incredibly funny).  They’ve pretended to be terrorists testing international conference security, flown things over the Vatican and so on.  But the cast are now in a spot of trouble for a skit from their last show; a skit called The Realistic Wish Foundation (video below the break).


Just a quick announcement: I have set up a seperate blog to address a certain type of argument that I am trying.  This blog is The Church of Optimus Prime, established … well, the about page of the new blog explains it well enough.

The purpose of this satirical website is to demonstrate the foundamental silliness of most (if not all) arguments made by religious fundamentalists to support the existence of their chosen deity.  This is done initially by applying those same arguments to another entity; in this case Optimus Prime.  Secondly, the moral teachings/principles of Optimus Prime are used to demonstrate that if a figure had to be worshipped then he would make a far better choice than most (if not all) deities currently reverred.

The first new entry is simply titled Optimus Prime: Better than the Christian God.

We all know that Optimus Prime is the greatest being who has ever existed. His drive and compassion shape the Universe.  His sacrifices for us are common but always overcome.  His knowledge is unsurpassed in both matters of war and peace.  His three aspects magnificently come together to form one incredible entity.  He possesses the wisdom of the ages (in his chest) which indeed did light the darkest hour.  So how can you, a small fleshy human, even attempt to emulate the life of the greatest Autobot of them all?  Simply by following the Commandments of Optimus Prime.


Waterpistol of Wrongness

Posted: February 15, 2009 in Australia, Comedy

Recently I went to a local agricultural show and partook in a lucky dip draw, just for casual laughs. The resulting prize is showcased in the image below.


It's... wrong!

I don’t know if it the placement of the trigger, the creepy smile or a mixture of both but that is just. plain. wrong.