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For a long time, it has been regarded by many that proponents of Intelligent Design are at best ignorant and at worst actively seeking to deceive the general public.  The inability of such folk to understand the requirements for something to be a recognised scientific theory, the reliance on arguments that have been critically demolished and even massive defeats in courts of law.   One of the main websites seeking to promote Intelligent Design seems to have been caught out performing an act of dishonesty by another blogger; one ‘Dale Husband’ in his post ‘A fake evolution site’.



large-msg-113557003298-2.jpgIt has certainly been some time since I’ve had one of these but the blog at just begs for some critical examination, much like any typical redneck begs for a slap about the head. Now, the site in question is rather lengthy so it sadly won’t b e possible to go through all of it but I’m fairly sure you’ll get the gist of it pretty quickly.


Scientology is a funny wee beastie; built on a clearly fraudulent basis it is well known to brainwash members, commit various criminal acts and generally has nothing at all to do with either science or religion as we know it. Basically, if you follow Scientology then you’re either ignorant, brainwashed, criminal … or just plain stupid.

Anyhow, following a link/review on the Atheism News blog (which in itself is a fine site) I came across the blog of Xenu TV which really acts exceedingly well to highlight and demonstrate the truly criminal practices that Scientology not only accepts but also actively promotes.

On notice!

Posted: August 10, 2006 in Blogs worth reading, Comedy, Other good sites


Today is my Birthday. Yay. Joy. Etc.

For some reason, this wee little blog of mine is now listed on WordPress in their ‘fastest growing blogs’ list.  That’s neat and makes me feel kind of fuzzy and warm on the inside.

The World Wide Web is full of some odd people. Some of these odd people are a little bit eccentric, the type you’d invite to a party just so they’d liven things up a bit; a bit odd but nice enough and generally harmless as long as you can keep down their alcohol consumption. Then there’s the other type of odd ‘net person who, when seeing their thoughts/opinions/stuff, you are forced to wonder what sort of medications they’re on and how can said mind altering substances be legal. These aren’t the type of people you’d invite to a party because their innane stupidty would probably result in you trying to stab yourself in the brain via your eye just to make the hurting stop. You know exactly the type I mean, admit it.