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The subject pretty much says it all and really points to the message of this entry; we were all born without belief in any sort of deity or supernatural figure. This should be self-evident, as I shall briefly go over soon, but it would seem that some people do not understand this piece of biological fact. If it is so obvious then why is it being stated here? Simply because the same old brain-bug continues to be repeated, here as an example, and it needs to be refuted soundly.



Some think of the current Pope, despite his remarkable resemblance to the Emperor from Star Wars, is infallible due to his direct line of communication and hand chosen nature with his particular deity. Others just happen to think he’s an incredibly ignorant throwback to a time when theocracy’s were common and life, in general, was pretty horrid. This particular pieces of news really does seem to back the latter opinion to a fair degree, since ol’ Darth Pope is calling sex education an attack on religion. Undoubtedly your jaw is hanging open right now, your brain going into a state of mild shock at the sheer … I can not even think of the proper term for such an ignorant notion. Education, all factual and true, as an attack on religion. What?


During my casual browsing through the ol’ interwebs, I came across a remarkable level of exceptionally daft blog entries here on WordPress. Now blog entries that are not exactly intellectual achievements are not exactly uncommon but the frequency of them on this particular day seemed quite odd. So this entry of mine is to merely showcase a handful of these rather silly entries and briefly explain why they are a clear waste of space. It may seem petty to do so but there is far too much idiocy in this world of ours, those who perpetuate it’s spread need to be pointed out and ridiculed.



Convenient chart of bat-convenience

Some time back I created a quick comparison, for satirical purposes, between Autobot Leader Optimus Prime and Christian Leader Jesus Christ (there is even a useful pictorial chart for convenience). This comparison showed that if you wish to live by the example of a particular character than you would indeed be much better off going with the Peter Cullen voiced bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. If nothing else, he can give you a lift down-town whilst his opponent could do nothing of the sort.

This time we take a look at the Dark Knight Crusader vs. Jesus Christ. Which possesses the better philosophy? Which has the better track record and achievements? Who has the cooler car? And, most importantly, who serves as a better role model and example for humanity?


Pakistan Blasphemy Laws

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Atheism, News, Politics, Religion
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Pakistan currently has a set of laws dealing with the area known as blasphemy. To put it bluntly, you can be executed for saying negative things about religious beliefs. Such laws really are an affront to rational thinking and open debate; to protect such notions with what amounts to state sponsored death threats is truly barbaric. It would be akin to having someone executed for saying they think whale hunting is a good thing; it does not matter if they are right or wrong, they have every right in the world to voice their opinion.

In good news, Pakistan is looking to relax the blasphemy laws a little though the Government denies any plans to remove the death penalty component. That has still angered a few people and it resulted in everyone’s favourite peaceful activity; riots (because everyone knows the best way to get your point across is to go destroy stuff in the street. Great thinking).


Net-Case: Nathan Gray

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Atheism, Evolution, Religion, Reviews, Science

The world is full of ignorant people. This is unfortunate and can only be combated through a decent education system and disparagement of the spreading of falsehoods. Sadly, a lot of people seem to revel in their own ignorance; arguing from a position of impotency and prejudice. These bastions of stupidity, to put it bluntly though it is not necessarily an entirely accurate term, must be showcased and thus corrected – and that is what I shall do here and now, with one entry from the blog of Nathan Gray ‘Othodoxy, among other things: a manifesto’.


Even Optimus facepalms at the stupidity

Oddly relating to the last entry, the Telegraph (that’s a British newspaper, so American readers will have to cope with the -our suffixes. Oh, suck it up!) is reporting on Christians who feel like they are being discriminated against … mostly when they are trying to discriminate against other people. Irony sense … tingling!