We Are All Born As Atheists

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Atheism, Evolution, Religion, Science
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The subject pretty much says it all and really points to the message of this entry; we were all born without belief in any sort of deity or supernatural figure. This should be self-evident, as I shall briefly go over soon, but it would seem that some people do not understand this piece of biological fact. If it is so obvious then why is it being stated here? Simply because the same old brain-bug continues to be repeated, here as an example, and it needs to be refuted soundly.

“I’m an atheist…I don’t believe there is a God”.

NO. You just don’t have the NERVE to believe in God.

Belief in the Judeo-Christian deity is a psychological crutch that is often comforting in everyday life. It can be nice and reassuring to believe that some supernatural-creator force is looking over you and is concerned about your safety and well-being. Believing in such is the easy way out, a placebo well suited to making you feel more at ease about events. But, like any placebo, it is not actually true and properly effective – it is just a trick of the mind. It is much harder to go through life without that psychological aid, so to claim one does not ‘have the nerve’ is a rather absurd claim to say the least.

But, of course, truth is far more important than happiness.

We are all created in His image and likeness. There is not a single one of us who was born to “not believe in Him”. We are all created to worship, and to believe.

Statements without evidence or proof. Worthless. Not only are they without evidence of any kind, they also make no sense when you consider them for even a moment – and if we are created merely to worship and believe, that makes that particular deity an insanely huge egomaniac.

Then you have a moral conscience. That moral conscience didn’t just “happen” to come upon you. It’s conditioned in you. Even those who do not believe in God and His commandments and laws, follow the same basic moral laws in their own lives.

That seems to be entire crux of the entries argument; you are not evil and follow roughly the same moral code so god exists. This, of course, is what can only be described as a load of bollocks. The construct of societal morality is well documented; it has certainly changed over time (see slavery and there attitudes relating to it) and has specifically formed to keep social cohesion reasonable stable and strong. It is very much a case of common sense; if members of a given community start to steal from and murder each other then that community will simply dissolve and be no more. Those communities that learned how to live as a stable community survived and prospered; forming unspoken rules first and then, later, qualifying them into written laws in a bid to lessen the frequency of disputes. We even see this exact sort of behaviour in certain animal species – there are primates, as an example, who show relatively strong community minded rules.  A member of this primate community who steals from another member is exiled from the group. These animals certainly have no sense of ‘god’ but do show the same exact tendencies, as relating to social cohesion, as early man did.

To put it a different way, there are two things that allowed humanity to become more advanced than every other species on the planet. The first, of course, is a more developed brain. The evolution of the brain is well documented and there really is not much room for debate on this matter. The second reason is because we are social creatures; we learnt very early on that physically we are not very special. We are not the strongest or fastest species but we did happen to be the smartest and most inventive. Part of that was learning to act as one community, growing strength through sheer numbers if nothing else.

[Snip some stuff here, including the use of circular logic and other nonsense.]

Conclusion: You were not born an atheist…nor were you born homosexual.

Everyone is born an atheist. We are literally blank slates upon the moment of our birth, with some behaviour genetically influenced but that seems to be relatively minor according to available research. We do not even have a sense of self upon birth – knowing that you even exist is a learned fact, gleaned from exposure and experience to the various stimuli that assaults us in our formative years. We do not know what colour is. We do not know how to speak. We do not know how to interpret words so they have meaning. All of these things are learned. And if we do not know such incredibly basic concepts, including that we even exist, than how can be possibly know about a supernatural creator being? That too is learned, or rather indoctrinated in a lot of cases, from those who control our upbringing and life as we develop.

There is an extremely good reason why children tend to be the same religion as their parents, it is what they are brought up to believe. Children do not know any better than to accept blindly what their parents tell them, which is to be expected since said parents overwhelmingly look out that child’s safety and well-being. You are not born with knowledge of Thor, Zeus or any other deity. You are not born with innate knowledge of any deity. The only knowledge you happen to be born with is the automatic functions your body needs to survive; blinking, breathing actions and so forth. Every single other action and fact after that is learned from experience.

As for the homosexual comment; that is just sheer nonsense as well. Some people like the colour red. Some like the taste of mushrooms while others do not. Some like blondes. Some like brunettes. Some like short people, some like tall. Many like the members of the opposite sex, some do not. And this is where the minor influence of genetics I mentioned above come into play – every single one of us is genetically directed to like and dislike certain things, be it the way our brains interpret signals from our taste buds or olfactory senses, or how we are attracted to members of the society around us.  For example, I like slender members of the opposite gender and tend to find them much more attractive than those who possess a rather large bust. This is something I can not help, it is how my brain happens to be wired. The same, research shows, is the same for those who find those of the same gender attractive.

  1. At best you could say you were born a weak agnostic. At birth you have no information one way or the other on whether God exists. But atheism is more than having know knowledge either way, Atheism asserts there is no God. It is not simply a “lack of belief”. Lacking belief in something is different than denying something. I lack belief in which soccer team in the UK won whatever their equivelant to the super bowl is, I don’t have any information with which to make a decision.

    Now if you were to tell me which team it is, I can either affirm, deny, or with hold judgement for want of further information. Affirming = Theist; Denying = Atheism; With holding = Agnosticism. Atheists deny God exists. Put another it is the Atheist holds “it is true God does not exist”, which is a positive claim to knowledge and requires a defense.

    Atheists of late have retreated to this “lack belief” in order to avoid having to defend their position. Basically an admission their position cannot be defended and so they attempt to re-word their position to avoid having to defend their claims. The move is as intellectually dishonest as it is mistaken.

    • Matt says:

      I disagree. You are born without belief in a deity, that makes you an atheist. I find your definition of atheism to be wrong, which renders most of what else you say ineffectual.

      I find your last paragraph especially weak, since it depends on this false definition you seem to have constructed.

    • Minizem says:

      Who are you to dictate the exact thoughts and feelings of an entire social group?

  2. bla says:

    to the wounded on the extreme borders of the human condition. nurturing and love often is forfeited by the most needful and your unique one-of-a-kind dna pattern is snuffed out. forever. vertical worship is not the paramount issue, yet rather the nagging self-serving zing and zip of me, myself and i. horizontal servanthood to the greater good of mankind is noble, although nobility is weighty and a worthwhile pursuit it pales in direct comparison to giving yourself away to the biggest question mark of all history, science and humanity…

    pride’s medicine is allusive. taste only a faction humility be saying “I believe in God”

    explode the latent, darkened, crusted-over, over-labeled, misunderstood, and attacked-yet-true faith that all persons born of woman have interwoven albeit mysteriously within them.

    Jesus of the under-appreciated bible calls but not many will hear. it is a good thing evolution has held onto the canals, drums and microscopic hammer bones of the ear, so this post can be proclaimed to the sleeping.

    hope to see you there : )

  3. Tits McGee says:

    Look up the term “atheism” is any dictionary, and you’ll find “the theory or belief that God does not exist” or something along those lines. It takes reasoning and deduction to make this conclusion. We are born without knowledge of a deity, yes, but we were not born with a firm disbelief in a higher power. However, the general point you made rung true, and I liked the last note about homosexuals.

  4. Cristero says:

    Another examples of stupidity of atheists.

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