Pope Claims Education is Attack on Religion

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Atheism, Education, News, Religion
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Some think of the current Pope, despite his remarkable resemblance to the Emperor from Star Wars, is infallible due to his direct line of communication and hand chosen nature with his particular deity. Others just happen to think he’s an incredibly ignorant throwback to a time when theocracy’s were common and life, in general, was pretty horrid. This particular pieces of news really does seem to back the latter opinion to a fair degree, since ol’ Darth Pope is calling sex education an attack on religion. Undoubtedly your jaw is hanging open right now, your brain going into a state of mild shock at the sheer … I can not even think of the proper term for such an ignorant notion. Education, all factual and true, as an attack on religion. What?

Pope says sex education an ‘attack on religious freedom’

Sexual and civic education in schools in Europe is an “attack” on religious freedom, Pope Benedict XVI said on Monday in a traditional annual address to foreign diplomats to the Vatican.

“I cannot remain silent about another attack on the religious freedom of families in certain European countries which mandate obligatory participation in courses of sexual or civic education,” the Pope told the ambassadors.

He said such courses “convey a neutral concept of the person and of life, yet in fact reflect an anthropology opposed to faith and to right reason”.

The Pope said this was an example of the “threats” against “the cultural roots which nourish the profound identity and social cohesion of many nations”.

In a collection of interviews published in November 2010, Pope Benedict said for the first time that he approved of condom use to reduce the risk of disease, leading some to wonder whether his attitude to sex education was changing.

But the Vatican later insisted that the Pope’s comments referred only to sex workers who were HIV positive and could not be applied more widely.


Education is a wonderful thing, it is one of the aspects of humanity that separates us from rest of life found on Earth. Each generation actively works to build and pass on knowledge to the next, giving descendants the best possible chance of leading happy and productive lives. It does not matter in the least what the subject matter might be – knowledge is intrinsically a treasure, to be valued as highly as anything can possibly be. It does not matter if you do not find a particular field interesting to learn about, if you have the time … learn about it anyhow for you never know where such knowledge might lead you or affect other aspects of your life. Without education, we would be condemned to live in ignorance and humanity would not have even mastered the use of pointy sticks to hunt with.

To even imply that the ever growing collection of knowledge, regardless of the subject, that we have acquired is somehow a bad thing is staggeringly and insanely … again, words fail me.

Ah. But perhaps I am regarding this topic from the wrong angle. It must be recalled that the Catholic Church is the organisation that has actively been spreading falsehoods about the use and effectiveness of condoms in regions where they are needed most. Effective sex education in such regions would indeed completely scuttle said efforts and undo the damage caused by the Vatican, so perhaps the Pope is attempting to somehow disparage proper education to head off such a move.

From another angle again; is the Pope now trying to somehow imply that education is somehow the anathema of religion? Not surprisingly, many people have already been saying this for many years. This story certainly seems to support such a notion, it must be said. If education (again, regardless of the subject) is somehow an attack on freedom of religion and a choice must be made then it is a very obvious choice indeed – education wins every single time.


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