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Posted: January 10, 2011 in Atheism, News, Religion, Reviews, Science
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During my casual browsing through the ol’ interwebs, I came across a remarkable level of exceptionally daft blog entries here on WordPress. Now blog entries that are not exactly intellectual achievements are not exactly uncommon but the frequency of them on this particular day seemed quite odd. So this entry of mine is to merely showcase a handful of these rather silly entries and briefly explain why they are a clear waste of space. It may seem petty to do so but there is far too much idiocy in this world of ours, those who perpetuate it’s spread need to be pointed out and ridiculed.

The first comes from the blog Curious Presbyterian. Now, to be fair, the blog itself is quite alright and the author seems to be a reasonably articulate and intelligent person. Instead a quote they have selected to … well, quote is exceptionally silly.

‘Atheists should not be patting themselves on the back for discovering that creation science isn’t real science.  That’s a bit like discovering the two men inside the horse-costume.’ ~ R. Joseph Hoffmann

This quote quite clearly misses the entire point. It is blatantly obvious that creation science actually has nothing to do with science, much akin to how it is blatantly obvious that sticking your face into the blades of an operating lawn mower may be somewhat detrimental to your own person. It is not a startling discovery and it is only noted because there seems to be a remarkable number of people who have not yet clued onto it yet. The number of young earth creationists (and creationists in general, for that matter) in society trying to impose their completely unsubstantiated whackery on other aspects of society is astounding. Atheists (and science in general, it should be noted) do not pat themselves on the back when debunking creationism – they facepalm because they have, yet again, encountered incredible levels of ignorance and/or stupidity.

The next example comes from the blog Word Salad, which goes on to say the following;

Atheism is also a religion. Nothing of what you say can change atheists’ faith. Because atheism isn’t really a proof of one’s high intelligence but a form of close-mindedness. Atheists can only understand their language – a language that doesn’t use the words “God”, “Miracle”, “Prayer”. They cannot translate the language of theists into their language and vice versa even though what the both are saying is just the same. In this sense, atheists and people with blind faith to their religions are very alike.

Where to even start? Atheism is not a religion – the best example I can think of is the old comparison; Atheism is to religion as baldness is to hair colour. Atheists, generally speaking, are scientifically minding (yes, there are exceptions but I am speaking in broad generalisations in this particular instance) and that means that they are always looking for evidence. Science is brilliant in that it is constantly trying to prove itself wrong and any good scientist is ecstatic wherein he is proven that he is incorrect and the real solutions is revealed. All Atheists insist on is being shown testable evidence for the existence of some sort of deity/supernatural entity – and as of yet, none is forthcoming. I know perfectly well what the words ‘god’, ‘miracle’ and ‘prayer’ mean; back when I was a naive child I even bought into the superstitions but then, as my critical analysis skills developed, I simply de-constructed all the so called ‘truths’.

The Lewis Crusade comes in at this point which a supposed example of a miracle. Honestly, it is not even worth copy/pasting his account for it is so … well, insignificant.  If that is the criteria offered to be counted as a miracle or the power of prayer, then I would argue the same stringency be applied to all other facets of everyday human life. That would mean everything we do would have to be based on co-incidence, from paying parking tickets, taxes, grocery shopping (“I’m going away on the 12th and that is exactly when this bottle of milk is set to expire! It’s a miracle!“)

Wintery Knight really comes on in strong, somehow linking the Arizona shooter’s supposed atheism with his actions, for a reason which is not particularly clear;

One of his other videos comments that he resented being given a Bible by a military recruiter since he professes no religion or faith. In short, the man is likely an atheist who resents people who hand him Bibles when he has no need for one.

If that is the authors entire line of evidence for that obviously mentally ill man being an atheist then it is indeed a long bow that he is attempting to draw. No other alternatives crossed his mind? Perhaps he simply did not believe that a government agency, in this case the military, should be pressuring recruits into following any sort of religion. This is not a silly notion since your personal religious beliefs have absolutely no effect on whether or not you can be an effective soldier. But the real mistake of the notion is regardless if the suspect was an atheist or not, it is entirely irrelevant to the crime he is accused of committing. Perhaps he likes the colour yellow as well – I do not know but it is not important, it is simply irrelevant and does not link back to the actions he is accused of in any way.

Even Optimus facepalms at the stupidity

But all the above are runners-up in today’s comment for silliness. The champion is a man called Butch Anderson who comes up with absolute gems such as;

Where are the atheists to protest the building of a mosque at Ground Zero?

Why should Atheists protest such a thing? They wish to build a religious meeting point on private land. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I wish them luck in their endeavours.

Where are the atheists to protest the hegemony of Jews in our entertainment (propaganda) industry? Where do you hear them protesting the government bailout of the Jewish Wall Street financial empire?

Oh dear, it seems we are now in paranoid-conspiracy loon country. He seems to possess some sort of irrational hatred towards the Jewish community for some reason. In the first instance I have seen no evidence of the entertainment industry being some sort of Jewish propaganda machine. Secondly, even if it was … well, that is a by-product of having a free-market based economy; those that own industries get to call the proverbial shots. Whether or not that is a good or bad thing is an entirely different argument but that is how the United States has elected to go.

His second point is just as absurd. The financial crisis the world experienced was devastating to a lot of sectors and Wall Street was particularly badly hit. My own country of Australia did not suffer nearly as badly thanks to, in large, to the Government spending a great deal of money stimulating the economy and pumping money into various institutions so they could ride out the massive downturn. If they had not done so, the effects on the everyday person would have been considerably worse than they were.  The United States did much the same, though to a lesser degree, and that seems to have cushioned the impact somewhat. What is to be protested there and how can it even be linked back to atheism?

But just let them discover a cross in the Mojave Desert that has been there for years and years and all hell breaks loose. It’s got to go. Enlist the atheists and new world order dictators in the Ninth Circuit to make a new law banning crosses on government property.

If it is the cross I am thinking of, the reason it had to go was because it was located on government property which means it was a clear violation of the separation of church and state. If it been on private land, then there would indeed be no problem at all and that is the key difference.

Further I’ve never heard an atheist say that Muslims or Jews are stupid because they believe in their religion but they are constantly saying it of Christians.

I would hope that no atheist would say a person is stupid. I know I try to refrain from such, instead I like to point out how particular religions are stupid. In this case I am not called Butch Anderson an idiot, I am calling what he is saying idiotic and there is a lot of difference there. All the Abrahamic faiths, and every other religion I can think of to be honest, are devoid of evidence and to believe in their tenets is indeed to be quite silly. I hope Butch is happy now.

While atheists give lip service to being against religion in general, they save their real ire for we Christians because they know that we are the ones who stand in the way of the eventual enslavement of the human race to an elite of godless dictators.

That paranoia seems to be showing again, it would seem. There are two main reasons most of my religious based comments are directed against Christianity;  a) It is the religion I am, by far, the most familiar with.  b) It is the religion that, by far, most tries to impose itself on my personal life. I have yet to encounter a Jewish person try to argue that science education needs to be changed, as an example, yet I see it all the time from aspects of the Christian community. Now at this point I should point out my underlying philosophy on religion and personal freedoms; I do not care what you choose to believe in, as long as it does not impact on me or my life. You also need to be able to defend your particular beliefs in reasoned debate, else they are not much of a belief at all. That is it.  Thus far the only sector of the religious community that has tried to change the way I experience life is Christianity and that I find to be quite unacceptable.

There are some more ramblings of little consequence until we get to this particular line:

However sad I feel for them, however, I realize that they must be stopped along with all the alien cultures and religions that are attacking our way of life.

This links back to what I said above, with people trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of society (and then acting hurt when they get told to sit down and be quiet). The author’s chosen words at this point also indicate, though far from conclusively, an underlying tendency towards racism and dislike of anything that might be ‘different’.

Immigration, both legal and illegal, must be stopped until we have full employment for our citizens. When legal immigration is resumed it should be for Europeans only.

Ah. I think the evidence for my above hypothesis just grew somewhat stronger.

Judges must be impeached when they obviously break their oath of office by writing new laws. They are not legislators, they are judges and they are not above the law.

Someone also, it would appear, needs to be educated on the role of the judicial system as well. There is an extremely good reason why the judicial system is completely separate from the political system; it tends to keep political powers more honest and accountable for starters.

The Constitution is not to be “interpreted.”

I have actually read the Constitution of the United States (which, as is my understanding, is a better achievement than many of the citizens of said nation) and it is worded rather vaguely. When something is written in such a manner then it demands to be interpreted. Especially when the language used is dated and not entirely suitable to the changed circumstances of modern society compared to when said document was first drafted.

Many of those I knew became Christians when they kept bumping up against things that their limited atheist religion could not explain.

I started to see where the author may have gone wrong in drawing his conclusions. Atheism (and science, for that matter) do not (and never have) claimed to have all the answers. Generally speaking, atheists and scientists are nowhere near that arrogant. The closest you might get to that is a statement akin to “we do not have all the answers so we will follow the best tools yet developed for getting such answers and see where they lead us. Yay for rational enquiry and scientific testing!”. Religions may claim to have all the answers but that is a far cry indeed from those answers being correct.

Don’t be shocked when I call atheism a religion for it truly is. It is just not a very good one. All religion requires faith and while Christians put their faith in a God that is everywhere evident, touchable, palpable; atheists put their faith in a god of…nothing.

‘everywhere evidence, touchable, palpable’. Those are very interesting terms to use and yet not backed up by any evidence at all. I can touch the keyboard in front of me so does that mean I am touching god? No. I am touching a man made plastic device formed from a petroleum based process, mixed with some cleverly-manipulated metals. Anything that I can touch is explainable, anything I observe is explainable. Not through the tenets of religion but through evidence and experiment based fact. There is no faith in that process since faith is the anathema of evidence. Faith, by definition, is blind but scientific conclusions are reachable and repeatable by anyone.





  1. I left a comment on Butch Anderson’s blog trying to be funny, and then he upped the ante and I literally couldn’t tell if we were sharing a funny joke or if he’s posting from a shack in the wilderness somewhere with pictures of federal buildings taped to all the walls.

    And then I remembered that he genuinely believes in a massive Jewish conspiracy to at least some degree, and that seems as good a place as any to draw the line and toss someone in the “crazy” category and not look back.

  2. jc says:

    You atheists never cease to prove that you are all illiterate and completely clueless about philosophy or genuine human experience. You are solipsists who set your own standards of evidence. You could have been at the Resurrection or witnessed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, and you’d find a way to deny it.
    In any case, it is precisely the meaning and timing of ‘coincidences’ that shows the hand of God.

    • Matt says:

      Thankyou for the strawman you have delivered. However, we have found it to be a defective product unworthy of consideration. Please cease production of said item as it is clearly faulty and does nothing but take up space.

  3. Brian says:

    I thought the first quote was pretty funny actually. The rest is flat out stupid paranoid wingnuttery.

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