You’re allowed to discriminate, you’re religious!

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Atheism, Australia, News, Religion
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The Herald-Sun (yes, I know it is a terrible paper with a reading age of about eight but that is another matter) and The Australian (alright, that isn’t a good paper either) are reporting that religious based charities will be allowed to discriminate against homosexual couples who seek to adopt children. This sort of thing is something that tends to annoy me no end; on one hand charities say they are there to help one and all … but not those people over there, they’re not like us so can go elsewhere. It is pretty standard this days that you can discriminate on the basis of gender, religious beliefs, nationality and (shock! Horror!) sexual preference.

Unless, of course, you happen to be religious. Wherein, it would seem, discriminating against anyone you like is absolutely fine and may you have a nice day.

So why should religious bodies have the right to discriminate against other people on the above grounds? Religious groups are a part of everyday society and are expected, as we all are, to abide by the morality and laws set down by that society. Such groups are not above the rest of us. They are not better (often enough they happen to worse, let’s face it) so why should they have such exemptions? The rest of society can not discriminate against someone for their religious beliefs; a department store can not refuse to hire a citizen simply because he’s wearing a crucifix around his neck as an example. Yet a religious body could refuse to hire someone who was a different (or no) religion and nothing could be done about it. It is a double standard and yet another example of religious groups demanding special treatment. It needs to stop.


  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Certainly our Department of Immigration has no problem using ethnic stereotyping in official Decision Records, clearly in contravention of our responsibilities under the UN International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racism.

    In Alabama, USA it is still on the statute books that atheists cannot hold public service positions or, I believe, serve on a jury. Not sure if that is actively policed anymore, but interesting none-the-less!

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