Discrimination against Christians? Say it is not so! Oh, it isn’t.

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Atheism, News, Religion
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Even Optimus facepalms at the stupidity

Oddly relating to the last entry, the Telegraph (that’s a British newspaper, so American readers will have to cope with the -our suffixes. Oh, suck it up!) is reporting on Christians who feel like they are being discriminated against … mostly when they are trying to discriminate against other people. Irony sense … tingling!

Gary McFarlane, a 48 year-old Relate counsellor from Bristol, was sacked after refusing to work with same-sex couples.

He challenged his dismissal at the Court of Appeal, arguing that forcing him to go against what he sees as the Bible’s teaching represented religious discrimination.

Hm. Right. So people who happen to be in a same sex relationship are not entitled to the same level of professional care than other people? Not a great professional attitude that man seems to possess so no wonder he was fired. Let us get something nice and straight; when you happen to be employed, you are employed under the terms of your employer. You deal with what he says, who he says, how he says. Sadly enough, you do not get to pick and choose.

Mr McFarlane said that his treatment was “without a doubt” an example of Christians being persecuted in modern Britain.

I would say that Mr McFarlane is a bit of a douchebag then, unable to recognise that he is not being discriminated against because he can not discriminate against other people.

A Christian bed and breakfast owner was threatened with legal action for turning away a homosexual couple in March 2010.

Fair enough. At this point I also have to point out that isn’t a fundamental part of Christian teaching is to love thy neighbour and so on. Turning them away because of sexual preference is rather against that; instead, modelling what you see as ‘proper behaviour’ would make much more sense.

Dr Sheila Matthews, a Christian doctor, was told she would be removed from a council’s adoption panel because she refuses to recommend cases involving homosexual couples.

Another example of nothing but an incredibly unprofessional attitude and work ethic. It is my understanding that those in the medical profession are obligated to do their utmost for all their patients or for those in need.

A Christian nurse lost her case of religious discrimination against the hospital trust that employed her. Shirley Chaplin, a 54-year-old grandmother, was taken off wards and moved to a desk job after refusing to remove the crucifix that hangs around her neck. In April 2010 she was told by an employment tribunal that wearing the cross raised health and safety concerns and was not a “mandatory requirement” of the Christian faith.

Of course it is not mandatory. There is nowhere in any Christian teaching I know of that says the effect of “Wear thy crucifix around thy neck or thou shalt have evil demons poke they behind with burning tridents for eternity!” This seems like someone looking to be offended and then acting such when people pick her up for it.

Religion does not belong in a workplace (unless you happen to be a priest or such, obviously). It is a professional environment where all clients and customers are considered equal and they should can not be discriminated against. It should not matter if the client is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, pagan, heterosexual, homosexual or anything else – they are all equally important to a professional as anyone else. You can not discriminate against them just as Christians can not be discriminated against; nowhere has rules barring Christians from attending or using services and that is the way it should be. But is Christians insist on getting special treatment then others will demand equal privileges – at that point society is horribly fractured and not even a proper society any more.


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