The Chaser: Victim of Wowsers

Posted: June 6, 2009 in Australia, Comedy, News, Television
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The Chaser’s War On Everything is an Australian Television Comedy series which is often pretty controversial (but also usually incredibly funny).  They’ve pretended to be terrorists testing international conference security, flown things over the Vatican and so on.  But the cast are now in a spot of trouble for a skit from their last show; a skit called The Realistic Wish Foundation (video below the break).

It is certainly an example of dark humour but people keep trying to claim that it’s purpose is to make fun of sick children.  That sort of commentmakes me wonder if all these tragically offended folk even watched the skit to begin with.  It seems clear that the skit was intended to reflect society’s own dark nature, the neglect and suffering that people endure – also noting the way that often society has the expectation that someone else will come along to help make things better is absurd.

There is also a trend that people get very easily offended (usually, as noted, by things they actually haven’t seen themselves) and demand someone do something about it.  This is absurd for various reasons;

Everything is going to offend someone out there.  I find myself at times offended/annoyed by the ever decreasing levels of journalistic integrity we see in the media but … well, I simply do not watch the shows which have poor levels of journalism.  If you happen to be offended by something, why should your tastes affect those of others?  If you do not like a television show, simply do not watch it.

  1. Barry says:

    I’m actually more offended by the lack of originality:

    I expected more from The Chaser… the original was done 10 years ago and actually has a darker take on the idea.

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