Christians: Upset They Can’t Impose Their Morals On You

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Atheism, Australia, News, Religion, Technology
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stupid_idiots_bigThe Australia Christian Lobby seem to be a bizarre bunch, investing a great deal of their time and resources into Steven Conroy’s idiotic mandatory internet filtering plan for Australia.  Finally bowing slightly to technical expertise and simple common sense, Conroy’s hardline stance seems to be softening slightly of late to the extent where (shock! horror!) legal material won’t be filtered.

This seems to have upset the Australia Christian Lobby a bit since it stops their plan to impose their morals on everyone else.  What utter gall of them to believe they have such a right, the right to dictate what the rest of the country can or can not see – even if it is perfectly legal.  And certain people wonder why an ever growing number of people are growing completely disillusioned with the superstitious nonsense that is christianity.

  1. truelogic says:

    You have a great site. Some day I will take time and actually try to get my blog to the level of yours but for now I just hack at it.
    Like Muslims, Christians are always upset about their “morals” (wars based on lies and torture) not being forced on others to follow. You know, people like Mark Sanford or the other recently exposed sanctity of marriage preachers caught doing “moral” things they shouldn’t. For some reason, they want the rules to change when they are caught doing what they condemn others of doing.

    I would have thought we humans would have advanced/evolved past superstition and gone on to spend our time helping cure sickness, hunger and improve lives for everyone. Instead, we have people wanting to restrict knowledge and end freedoms. I am not sure why but these people continue to do it and it is the very people that seem to want to do the things they are against. like tedd haggard against gays and yet deep into them. larry craig, the christian that happens to like men while he is married to a woman pretending to be “normal” and “moral”.

    it is like watching a life long comedy

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