The Church of Optimus Prime

Posted: April 25, 2009 in Atheism, Comedy, News, Other good sites, Religion
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Just a quick announcement: I have set up a seperate blog to address a certain type of argument that I am trying.  This blog is The Church of Optimus Prime, established … well, the about page of the new blog explains it well enough.

The purpose of this satirical website is to demonstrate the foundamental silliness of most (if not all) arguments made by religious fundamentalists to support the existence of their chosen deity.  This is done initially by applying those same arguments to another entity; in this case Optimus Prime.  Secondly, the moral teachings/principles of Optimus Prime are used to demonstrate that if a figure had to be worshipped then he would make a far better choice than most (if not all) deities currently reverred.

The first new entry is simply titled Optimus Prime: Better than the Christian God.

  1. Martijn says:

    Well, you are creative, and maybe even a bit funny, I’ll give you that. Are you finished feeding your sad frustration.
    Still I think your point is just proving to me that you are just another person who needs to have a shallow biased opinion on how religion or faith in your eyes works.

    Try harder so that we might really get some good entertainment…

  2. Matt says:

    The only frustration evident seems to be yours, unable to defend a belief which is based on blind faith.
    Meanwhile, my little project continues on it’s steps of being properly formed. Viewing numbers look good for a blog just starting up, which is kind of nice. Also I’ve yet to see anyone actually come up with any decent arguments of why Optimus Prime wouldn’t be a better deity than the christian one.

  3. Martijn says:

    I don’t think you can solve issues with a gun… That’s what I have to say about Optimus. There is no point in the whole theme besides war, war, war. What if they started to do alll kinds of charity? Helping the needy? I don’t think the people who like transformers are going to like that. Also it is about selling toys. Are we really serious? Get a life Matt.

    As for your remark about my “frustration”. I think it’s more curiosity and ironic humor that is my motivation to check it out. And I still think that you are only feeding your own strawman fishtank here. No worries I will recommend your so called “church” to some friends since you are in the need of some congregation… Oh wait! I think they won’t take you serious. bummer…
    It seems that you let your imagination run too wild… tss, and that for a logical and highly regarded person as you.

    If you only came with some serious suggestions instead of your fetish on a cartoon figure….

  4. Matt says:

    There is no point in the whole theme besides war, war, war. What if they started to do alll kinds of charity?

    Thou art ignorant of the glory of Prime! He often led the Autobots to doing all sorts of charity acts when they had the opportunity. Many a blessed charity car race was held! Many acts of assisting in construction of new facilities were performed!

  5. guiltyhere says:

    Hey Matt….I didn’t know if you have seen this (but I imagine you have):

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