A Car Feature I Would Like To See

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Technology
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In the weird part of the world where I live, we just experienced something of a shocking heat wave and it got me thinking. I would like to see a certain feature added to a car, one I think most of us would welcome.   It may already exist but if it does, I have yet to see it.

Most, if not all, new cars have the keyless central locking/entry feature where you have a button you press to unlock/lock your car as opposed to having to place the key in the car door.  How about an extra button that, when pressed, informs your car that you will be arriving very shortly so it should keep everything locked up (until such time as a key is placed into the ignition) but tick the engine over, turn the AC on so when you hope in your car (that has probably been parked outside in the heat while you’ve been inside working) it is already nice and cool – since what happens now is you hope into a hot car, you turn the AC on and it takes a while for the AC itself to stop blowing hot air.


  1. Zack Peters says:

    The capability for it probably already exists. Although, I think it would be unlikely to be devloped simply because a feature to get the car running without a key would engender too many problems and explotations. However, my knowledge of cars is little better than they exist, so I could be easily wrong.

  2. Matt says:

    I have seen models of cars where you don’t need to put a key in the ignition already; you just need to have your keyring in your pocket. Same with unlocking the doors with that same model – you don’t even need to press a button, you just have to have the key in your pocket and pull the handle, the door will automatically unlock and open when you pull the handle.

  3. Zack Peters says:

    Wow! Technology certainly is moving. Your desired feature should soon show up, if it hasen’t already.

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