Science: Yes, even more evidence

Posted: December 24, 2008 in Evolution, News
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Once again, some more remains of interest have been found which support proper science.  Which really does make you wonder about creationists; just how much evidence do they require before they realise they’re completely and utterly wrong?  Is not the Museums and Universities full of fossils (including lots and lots of transitional ones) enough?

25 million-year-old bird fossil found in outback Qld

A Queensland palaeontologist says he has found a fossil believed to be about 25 million years old in the state’s north-west.

Dr John Scanlon says he discovered the remains of a large goose-like bird at a fossil site on Riversleigh Station last year.

He says it is an ancestor of the iconic Australian magpie goose and the bones are the oldest of the species to have been found in Australia.

“It’s important to find out where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing, and this fossil shows that they were in Australia by about 25 million [years ago],” he said.

He says it caps off an exciting year for the Riversleigh Fossil Centre which was recently given $900,000 funding by the Australian Research Council to continue its work.


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