KFC Potato and Gravy: Mystery of the Ages

Posted: December 5, 2008 in Australia
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Mmm, appetising. Really.

A few days ago I worked late and did not have a chance to head home until late at night.  Not having dinner yet and feeling tired, I pulled into the local KFC and ordered some meal deal which included a small tub of what was labelled potato and gravy.   As a side note:  I rarely eat KFC, the incredibly high fat content is incredibly bad for your health, makes you feel sick and simply does not taste good.

I ate this potato and gravy, which was probably a mistake, and after I was done I looked down at the now empty tub and came to the conclusion that whatever had been in that tub had little to relation to potato and the gravy was more likely some form of recycled engine lubricant.

So does anyone actually know what it is that KFC actually serves up as their potato and gravy side dish?  Or am I better off not knowing?

  1. Middle Man says:

    Well, I am not surprised. I haven’t had the mash and gravy pleasure yet – but there again I have had enough difficulty with the chicken. You might enjoy this:


    How does this company get us to buy anything? What addictive substances do they put in the food to get us to go back? Answers on a postcard please.

  2. Moi says:

    Here in the US, the KFC potatoes are kind of soupy and flavorless, but the gravy is loaded with salty goodness. Like Middle Man, I believe there must be some chemical allure.

  3. Mattie Aitken says:

    I work at a plant that manufactures dehydrated potatoes and supplies to KFC, and I can guarantee that it is a quality product made of POTATOES and it is tested really well.

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