This made me facepalm (updated)

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Australia, News

A story that has just come out of New South Wales (that’s in Australia for the geographically challenged) really has left me wondering what possibly is going through some people’s heads.

An updated story has been released which adds more details to the initial report.  The second report does not make you think the parents have, sadly, any more common sense than initial assumptions however.

Court order to immunise child

The New South Wales Department of Community Services has taken out a Supreme Court order to force the parents of a three-day-old baby to immunise the child against Hepatitis B.

The Department’s caseworkers and New South Wales Police have worked throughout the night to find the parents and serve them with the court order.

So far they have not been located.

The baby’s mother suffers from Hepatitis B, but both parents believe the illness can be managed more effectively than any potential damage from the vaccine.

Seriously … what?

Parents who think that allow their child to have Hepatitis B rather than stop the child ever getting the disease are actually allowed to keep the child?  Not only is this a grave misjustice against the child in question, it also creates a greater health risk for each and every member of society that child is brought into contact with.

The second report:

Couple remain in hiding with baby to avoid vaccination

A Sydney couple remain in hiding over an attempt by authorities to force them to vaccinate their newborn baby against hepatitis B.

The New South Wales’ child protection agency has taken out a Supreme Court order to force the parents of the three-day-old baby to immunise their child against hepatitis B.

The baby’s Chinese-born mother has had the virus for several years and doctors say the child runs a high risk of contracting it unless he is immunised within days.

The couple believe aluminium in the vaccine could cause him more damage than contracting hepatitis B.

The baby’s father, who is seeking an injunction against the court order, was adamant the family would stay on the run indefinitely.

One of the doctors who alerted state authorities to the couple’s refusal to have the baby vaccinated, Professor David Isaacs from Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital, said the child’s rights were being ignored.

“If you do not immunise a baby in this situation, you’re putting that baby’s life at risk,” he said.

He says if a baby gets hepatitis B at birth they become a chronic carrier of the virus.

“And about a third of those chronic carriers will die young from cancer of the liver or cirrhosis of the liver … this is a horrible disease,” he said.

Professor Isaacs says vaccines are safe.

While vaccinations are not compulsory in Australia, New South Wales state health policy mandates that parents of all babies born to Hepatitis-B-positive mothers must be offered immunoglobulin for the child within 12 hours of birth and four doses of the vaccine over six months.

New South Wales Assistant Police Commissioner Frank Mennilli declined to say whether the parents would be charged once they were found.

“It’ll be something that’ll have to be assessed once that child is located,” he said.

  1. ozatheist says:

    That annoys me, similar is happening in the USofA, just when the world starts eradicating some diseases idiots like those enable them to flourish again.

    Must see if I can find the excellent article I read recently that debunked the whole anti-vaccine myth.

  2. AV says:

    A Sydney couple remain in hiding over an attempt by authorities to force them to vaccinate their newborn baby against hepatitis B.

    Well, what do you know! Those tinfoil hats do protect you from Big Brother.

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