Looking for a New Phone

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Australia, Reviews, Technology
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Currently I enjoy a 24 Month mobile phone contract, a contract which is about due for renewal. At the end of this contract I have a choice; change the sort of deal/carrier away from Tel$tra/get a new deal with new phone or keep my current phone (which has actually served me rather well) and carry on as is. The purpose of this post? Merely looking for suggestions as to some new or upcoming mobile phones to keep an eye out for.

This would probably be a good time to go through the phones I have owned and used in the past, maybe so others can see what sort of phone user I am and thus what I might be looking for soon.

Nokia 3360

A now hopelessly outdated handset but it certainly did the job. Sturdy, reliable and I even managed to get a little Batman logo on the screen. I do not miss those horrible sounding MIDI ringtones but, for it’s time, it was a great little phone. Basic but did the job with long battery life.

Nokia 3200

The buttons were small but the screen moved to colour which was fantastic. Sound quality was not great but you could change the look of the phone via removal of the cover and putting in card or paper inserts. The one thing I do not like about Nokias is that they use their own standard for data transfers instead of a standard USB cable.

Motorola V260

Pretty much a complete turkey of a handset, with technical and software problems in abundance. The way it randomly reset or turned itself off was always good for keeping the user on their toes. Still, I do enjoy the clamshell design since it means much less chance of button mashing when carrying it in your pocket. Finally got MP3s as a ringtone as well, which was fantastic.

Motorola RAZR V3x

Probably the best phone I’ve used so far. It does have problems for sure (and I made a review of the handset here) but overall I quite like it. The 2MB camera works well, music playback is acceptable and it sticks with the pocket friendly clamshell design.

That brings me to the current day. The closest handset I can find to the V3x is the V3xx but that seems to be a very odd case. Two years down the track and the only changes I can see to the RAZR line is that the handset size is minimally smaller and the main camera (there’s actually only one on the V3xx unlike the two the V3x boasts) has dropped from 2MB to 1.2MB. So it seems to me that after two years, the RAZR line has actually gotten worse.

So what sort of phone am I looking for? A clamshell or, if necessary, a slider configuration with a large screen. MP3 playback is probably necessary and using standard USB cables for data transfer would be an advantage. So … anyone care to recommend some good handsets or even some good Australian mobile phone plans?


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