Ben Stein shown to be ignorant

Posted: April 18, 2008 in Atheism, Evolution, Religion
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I generally live by the rule that you should not talk about a topic unless you actually know something about it.  That can very easily be extended to include representing or endorsing a product/concept/argument as well.  Ben Stein … well, it has often been pointed out through various means that he is woefully ignorant of the Theory of Evolution.  He simply does not have a clue.  Someone has made a rather nice Youtube video which more of less goes through Stein’s silly statements one by one and shows them to be full of the old proverbial.  Well worth a watch.

  1. Alexander says:

    I tried to leave a link related to Ben Stein’s movie opening today and the controversy, but apparently my post was EXPELLED…cited for some silly reasoning…saying I did not attempt to make “any actual effort in regards to making discussion.”

    Sorry, did not know the guidelines were so strict!

  2. Matt says:

    Ah, you spammed a link to your own blog. I treated it just like any other piece of spam that comes along. I can provide examples of the exact same spamming you’ve done across wordpress if you really like, for all to see.

    I also find it utterly ironic how you deleted my comment from your own blog. My comment contained now spamming of links, was entirely polite and contained only factual points and arguments. Oh, I guess I smell hypocrisy in the air.

  3. Alexander says:

    @Matt… Polite???? Deleting my comment is polite? Once again, you anti-ID people are proving ‘Expelled’ right. You are about censorship…suppression…and name-calling.

    An appropriate link to the subject is not spamming! I am offended and feel threatened by your threat of calling my excitement over the release of this movie spamming.

  4. Matt says:

    You’re making the exact same mistake the ID proponents make each and every day. You’re looking for special treatment.

    Since day one when I started this blog, I have treated spam comments the exact same way. They get deleted.

    Now you, in whatever wisdom you may or may not possess, went on a bit of a splurge (hm, that’s a good word. Got a good sound to it) across wordpress and posted a link to one of your own blog entries and that was it.

    You did not add to discussion, you did not stop and even say hello. You posted a link and that was it. All over various wordpress blogs.

    If that is not spamming, I do not know what is. What do people such as myself do with spam? We, as should be done by everyone, delete it.

    And yet, you utterly fail to refute the claims of deleting one of my own comments from your own blog. The comment you deleted was, as I’ve already stated, polite and nothing but factual arguments rather nicely set out. Care to explain that one, hm?

  5. Alexander says:

    That’s fine, Matt. That’s your judgement call. I’m fine with that. I deleted yours because although I thought your commenting was fine in the first graph or two. Your threatening tone in regards to my link was not something I wanted posted in my blog. I have a good relationship with WordPress and want to keep it that way. Although I did put the same couple of sentences and link in other blogs…they were all “Expelled” related.

    In fact, the favorable response runs about 10 to your one.

    Thank you for toning it down a bit.

  6. Matt says:

    Ah, so I offended your spamming delicate sensibilities, did I? Got caught out being a base spammer and didn’t like it, hm? Instead of facing the accusation that you’re just a rather rude spammer and trying to settle the matter you just delete the comment. Gee. Stopping free discussion and debate … isn’t that what you’re up in arms about?
    How wonderful.

  7. Alexander says:

    In the same way you felt justified…I did as well.

    I faced the accusation…gave my defense….was happy that you toned it down…and now you seem to still be aggresive towards me.

  8. Matt says:

    What defence did you offer, my friend? You didn’t know that people didn’t like spammers? Oh, unless you have joined the world wide web this very day I find that very unlikely.

    Aggressive? Oh, not at all. If anything I think the proper term would be ‘bemused’. Someone crying to academic freedom and calling out against suppression … yet caught red handed doing that exact same thing himself.

  9. Alexander says:

    It’s your blog, Matt. Thanks for the chats!

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  11. Matt says:

    In other news, it seems that for some reason completely unknown to any actual thinking person … well, Ben Stein has tried to link the movement and orbit of planetary bodies to the Theory of Evolution.

    Um, yeah.

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