Personal rant: 8 Things That Are Bad

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Animation, Atheism, Australia, Comedy, Education, Evolution, News, Politics, Religion, Technology, Television

Like all people, there are certain things and types of people that tend to get me a little irrate.  I am sure each and every reader has some as well (heck, I may appear on some people’s lists even!).  So this particular blog entry is a brief examanition and list of eight things, it is not a fair and balanced series of accounts by any means.  The following is a personal venting and rant of things that either need to be improved or eliminated altogether in no particular order.

Expelled! Producers

I have done a few blog entries on this subject so there is little more that I can say which I have not already.  But to sum it up, the people behind this so call documentary must be horrible delusional, ignorant or just plain dishonest sods.  Academic freedom? What?  That’s not what they want, they want to (apart from making a quick buck) have their cause to be allowed to ignore all the academic standards that everyone else has to work under.  They run like whipped dogs from any actual academic criticism and go completely out of their way to try to avoid it, barring actually science triained professionals from seeing it time and again.  Then, even after they’ve been shown evidence that they’re wrong, completely ignoring it and continue spouting their own particular brand of nonsense.  Here’s a clue, you dishonest gits: None of the cases you use is discrimination.  It’s a matter of those people being incompetent.


Caravan Owners

If there is a more selfish and uncaring group of road users, I have yet to encounter them.  They drag a horrible excuse for a home around behind station wagons, sedans, four wheel drives or anything else they’ve bought upon hitting retirement.  Sadly whatever vehicle they buy is obviously defective since their speedometer obviously can not go above 80 km/hour and their engine must also be incapable of achieving speeds higher than that.  Something must also be wrong with their steering since, when they have half a dozen cars backed up behind them on a single lane road, they seem utterly incapable of pulling over for thirty seconds and allowing other road users to go by.  Why a caravan anyhow?  They’re damn uncomfortable things, expensive to buy and maintain, means you get to your destination in double the time it’d take anyone else, pisses every other road user off at you and makes parking a nightmare.  Do the math; it’s cheaper to get a motel room every night!


Religious Fundamentalists

This group, tightly related to the Expelled group mentioned above, share many of the traits of that same group as well.  Religious Fundamentalists, no matter their chosen religion, seem to live in a world completely separate from our own reality.  This is a world, again depending which religion they’ve chosen, where the Earth is only 6,000 years old, there was a global flood, it’s perfectly rational to blow yourself up, where prayer can heal anything and if it doesn’t then it’s your own fault and people seem to come back from the dead on a regular basis.  Not, according to certain beliefs, anyone actually dies at all but instead goes to an unidentified realm where they either shag virgins for eternity or see what their deity of choice has up their robes.   Now people can believe whatever they wish, that’s not a problem at all.  I don’t necessarily care if you think hitting yourself across the face every morning with a plank of wood will get you closer to your god.  Sure, I’ll call you a bloody idiot but it’s your right to believe in it and do it … but try to force your belief structure onto the rest of society and I will damn well get annoyed.  No society based on religion has ever been a long term winner.  Not once in all of human history.  Last time western society tried it, it was a complete bloody disaster where knowledge was treated as a form of heresy and people were executed just for translating books into other languages.   But even that is not the worst part about religious fundamentalism … the point that you can provide mountains of evidence to show that they’re actually wrong (such as those loons that belief in Young Earth Creationism) and all they’re able to reply with is sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”



You’ve come home from work and you’re feeling pretty tired from your days labours.  You make the effort to cook a nice dinner and are just sitting down to eat it when the phone rings.  Yes, that’s right … it’s another bloody telemarketer.  I have no idea how the people who came up with this concept actually thought it could work, it’s the only sales technique I know of which starts off by pissing off the customer.   You certainly don’t see sales reps in hardware stores coming up to customers, whacking them across the back of the head with a hammer and then asking if they’d like to purchase it.  It’s exactly the same sales concept.  If I wanted to buy wall cladding, install roof tiles, get a new phone deal, buy raffle tickets off a charity or whatever … then I’d bloody well go to a reputable store and handle it myself.  Australia has a national ‘Do not call’ register which, in theory, seems nice.  However, a hell of a lot groups are exempt from following it including politicians, charities and religious groups … who are the last damn people I’d want to hear from at meal time anyhow.  Here’s a tip:  If you’re a telemarketer who rings and suddenly gets a very loud whistle straight into your ear … there’s a chance you dialled my number.   Or maybe I’ll just take the Tom Mabe approach…


Morning Cartoon Shows

In a few ways I still retain some childish traits.  For example, I love to buy gadgets and watch cartoons.  The latter one, the watching of animated shows, is often made considerably less enjoyable by the broadcasting choices associated with the idiotic cartoon ‘shows’ that accompany the actual cartoons.  You know what I mean, there’s usually one to three people behind a gaudily decorated desk, sometimes with some form of puppet.  They hold competitions and general act like a bunch of complete wankers.  All which just gets in the way of watching cartoons.  Channel Nine currently airs “Kids WB!” which is a extremely guilty of simply not having a clue.  One of the cartoons they show is ‘The Batman’ which I don’t mind all that much … but watching it is aggravating due to how they show it.  One 25 minute odd episode is spread over times like this:  8:10-8:20,   8:40-8:50,  9:10 – 9:20.  Notice the gaps inbetween the three parts which last about twenty minutes?  What do they have in there?  Other cartoons.  Yes, they break up one cartoon to show locally produced rubbish such as ‘Dog star’ as well as have the afore mentioned wankers acting like complete tits.  Here’s a clue: Show the cartoon in it’s entirety and then, inbetween another cartoon, have the wankers do whatever it is they do.



These things are not informative.  They are not entertaining.  They are aimed squarely at completely gullible morons who think that applying electric shocks to your stomach can give you flawless abs.  They go for anywhere up to an hour with the same bollocks repeated over and over and over and over…  But hey, if you think magnetic underlays will magically cure your bad back or that latest exercise machine will make your fat ass dispear, you probably deserve to have your time and money wasted by these things.  And, for the love all that is sane and rational, do some damn research into the concepts behind the things these things try to sell you.  They don’t work, dammit.  If they did work and did do all the things they claimed, the products would be in damn stores everywhere.


Drunk Conversations/Phone Calls

I don’t need to say much about this topic.  I am pretty sure the vast majority of people reading this entry have, at one time or another, either made or received a phone call while the speaker was rather intoxicated.  This is never a good idea and can only result in social embarassment and awkwardness for some time afterwards.    The only way that it gets worse is, after making a drunk phone call, you don’t actually remember what you said and all your peers look at you funny.  If you plan on drinking, hide your phone from yourself somehow!


‘Current Affairs’ Shows

Australia has two main offenders in this particular catergory; ‘Today Tonight’ and ‘A Current Affair’.  I have no idea how the journalists and producers of these shows can sleep well at night having been repsonsible for the utter and complete garbage that gets broadcast every weeknight.  Every single story is biased, in some cases only being extremely thinly disguised advertising for products that are simply stupid (‘Magnetic water’ which cures illness. Seriously.).  From cheesey soundtracks, not presenting full facts in a story, little tricks like making the ‘villain’ move in slow motion, to barging up to people as they’re trying to get in our out of their cars and refusing to leave them aloe when they decline comment … they use all the underhanded, dishonest and morally bankrupt tricks in the book to try to make whatever shoddy story they come up with sound good and controversial.   They’re not interested in the facts, not interested in informing the public about some new topic … they’re only interested and ratings and have sold any journalistic integrity they may once have had.

  1. AV says:

    Morning Cartoon Shows

    I used to live for Ren and Stimpy on Saturday mornings in the early nineties. And going back a year or two earlier, Sophie Lee presenting Warner Bros cartoons after school.

  2. ozatheist says:

    Expelled – tick
    Caravans – tick, especially grey nomads
    Fundies – tick
    Telemarketers – don’t bother me since I signed up to the do not call register the day it started
    Morning cartoons – who’s got the time to watch cartoons in the morning?
    Infomercials – tick
    Drunk calls – no, but drunk blogging is not a good idea
    Current Affairs – tick, best off just not watching them

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