PZ Myers expelled again. Expelled lies again. (updated)

Posted: March 29, 2008 in Atheism, Evolution, News, Religion
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2007-08-22t16_27_14-07_001.jpgAt this point in time, it surely is turning into a comedy of errors on the part of the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed team. This time they have been shown to be little more than either outright dishonest people, extremely lazy researchers or both. It all surrounds a certain phone conference that occurred…



pzmyers800.jpgIt all started off with the film’s public relations team sending out invitations to various people inviting them to take part in a telephone conference. Examples of this invitation can be found on A Frame Problem and Panda’s Thumb. So considering this invitation was sent out, recipients did the polite thing and joined the tele-conference (an audio only affair) and were pretty saddened by the whole thing. PZ Myers has his account of the whole thing posted already and I am sure more will follow.

By all available accounts, the film makers made some seriously weird claims including that no one has actually blogged about the content of the film. Excuse me? What? The review of that content on this very blog clearly shows that content ranges from the misleading to outright false, that their examples of discrimination simply are not true. Some might claim that this is a very small blog and that is true … it is far from famous or world reknowned. googlesearch.jpgHowever, a simple search for “expelled no intelligence allowed review” in google places it fourth on the search results (see screenshot for proof). Even if you ignore that, which is fair enough, Myers himself points out numerous times he himself has pointed out the glaring falsehood Expelled tries to pass off as fact. Throw in the dozens of blogs I have personally read which tear Expelled‘s arguments and examples to shreds and you can clearly see the statement is full of it.

When Myers pointed out that what they was saying was false, the reply was;

and then one of them asked me to do the honorable thing and hang up

So hold on. Someone points out that what you continue to spout as truth is demonstratably false (and has been pointed out as being false time and again) and they turn about and talk to you about ‘the honourable thing’? Does that fail to make sense to anyone else or is it just me?

So, in summary, PZ Myers joined in a phone conference he was invited to and the instant he pointed out that what was being said was wrong he was expelled from it. I thought the Expelled people were all about academic freedom and such? Of course, the planned questions all were extremely softball ones, which seems par for the course with Expelled; they seem to be mortally afraid of actually facing up to any criticism at all.

Hat tip to Bad Idea Blog.

In a semi-related note, Troy Britain notes another dodgy sounding run in with the Expelled people. Apparently he was invited to and attended an event called Expelled! The Movie and the Event for which he had to buy a $10 ticket. He expected that he’d be actually able to see the movie. It didn’t turn out that way … see his full story for what really happened.

Update: Of course, the ID Crowd have jumped in on the story, with their … rather odd version of events. On the other hand, Evolved and Rational has their take on the whole circus show.

The Guardian has jumped in with a truly scathing piece on Ben Stein and Expelled.

SkepChick has stepped up to the mark and posted an audio recording of the teleconference, while raising some very valid objections to the set up of the whole deal. Seems pretty clear from the recording that PZ Myers proved the Expelled crew to be ignorant, deceitful and just plain … well, silly.

And completely off track but it has to be noted regardless, the following video has turned up on YouTube. I do not know if it it meant to be pro or anti-ID/Evolution but it is very well done and very funny.

  1. Correction to your account. PZ Myers was not actually one of those invited. The link you give concerning the invitations makes this explicit.

  2. Matt says:

    He was invited. He did not receive a personal invitation but the Panda Crew did as a whole, of which he is a long time member.

  3. Matt,

    That video is hilarious!

    Not sure what to think about the rest of the post.
    I’m just looking forward to the time when we can all see the film and make our own judgment.


  4. Darron S says:

    They’re intentionally trying to get publicity for their film by stirring stuff up with PZ/Dawkins. They noted how much publicity they got from the screening story, so this is just round 2. Any publicity is good publicity when it comes to a movie that debuts in a couple weeks.

    Oh, and that video is NUTS!

  5. Bad says:

    To be fair, he was not supposed to get the code to unmute his line. That him taking advantage of their stupidity.

    But honestly, I’m glad he did, because this one-way PR love-fest is just sickening coming from a bunch of people claiming to be all for debate and freedom of speech. These guys and their PRATT arguments can’t last two rounds in a debate with virtually anyone, and they know it. They’re hiding behind careful media management, afraid to take anyone on on the issues.

  6. secondlady says:

    respect people’s religious and political beliefs.

  7. Matt, PZ Myers was NOT invited to the particular conference call that is the source of the fuss. He joined in early on a different line,to which the Pandas crew was invited. This was a line for listeners and questioners only. As he was there before the published start time, he actually overhead the DIFFERENT number to be used by the people actually speaking and responding. He then dialled in on that other line… the one to which he was not invited.

    I’m in two minds on tactics here; but the Expelled people have been so incredibly duplicitous and incompetent that I lean towards the “good on you” for PZ on this one. But as a simple matter of accuracy; me was not invited to the call which allowed him to speak up on the same line as the Expelled folks.

  8. Bad says:

    “respect people’s religious and political beliefs.”

    I respect people’s right to hold such beliefs: respect it so much that I would die to protect it. But that doesn’t mean that I have to show respect for the beliefs themselves, or refrain from criticism when they do something egregious or dishonest or harmful.

  9. arthurvandelay says:

    “respect people’s religious and political beliefs.”

    Respect my authoritah!

  10. ozatheist says:


    Matt have you heard the latest news involving two of your greatest interests? check my latest blog.

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