Expelled proponents can’t get story straight

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Atheism, Evolution, News, Religion
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a_home_01.jpgContinuing on from the bru-ha-ha caused when PZ Myers was expelled from a preview screening of Expelled, it seems that not even those people behind the documentary can agree on why Myers was not allowed to have a look at a film he features in.  This concerns explanations given by Mark Mathis (Producer of Expelled) and DaveScot of UncommonDescent.

Mark Mathis is on the record as saying that he “…banned pz because I want him to pay to see it. Nothing more.”  Pretty petty personal based reasoning there, I guess the others in the line somehow deserved to see it for free, while Myers did not.  Regardless, let’s see what DaveScot has to say on the matter…

Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers are running around saying they weren’t “gate crashers” at a pre-screening of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”. But that’s exactly what they were. PZ Myers claims he went through the same process to get a reservation for himself and a number of guests as all the other guests by going here.

The sticking point is that Myers was never invited. Myers RSVP’d to an invitation he never received. He fooled the host by gaming the invitation/response system employed.

The really interesting thing is, there has been no evidence produced of anyone else receiving an invitation to the event.  Indeed, it seems that anyone who happened to read the getexpelled.com website, specifically the dates and tours section, received an open invitation with the following text (which was still present at time of this entry being published):

Motive Entertainment is proud to present THE EXPELLED TOUR which launches on November 26th to promote the upcoming release of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Tour locations are being added every day! You and your community are invited to attend FREE of charge! CLICK HERE to RSVP now at a location near you!

Can anyone deny that is an open invitation to anyone at all to click on a link on a public website and make a booking? You is obviously adressed straight to the reader of the website page, whoever that might be, and also your community … well, that would definitely include not only those you know (friends and family) but anyone who happens to reside in your general vicinity.

There also appears to be any sort of provisos or exclusions to that apparently open invitation anywhere on the website.  There’s certainly no text along the lines of ‘No Atheists, No Biologists, Bearded Men, Anyone called Myers, etc’.

So was Myers removed because Mathis felt like being petty and vindictive in a big dose of hypocrisy?  I guess it must have been, because the ‘removed because he was not invited’ just does not stack up in the slightest.

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  1. L. Ron Brown says:

    Matt: You continue to tear it up. Nice work.

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