Blog Headline Silliness

Posted: March 2, 2008 in Blogs worth reading, Comedy, Other good sites, Religion

I am sure, at one time or another, you have tried that little game where you quickly change channels during an ad break to see what hilarious statements/stories you find through the jumbling of letters. For example; “Today at Seers my pants / were on fire, fire crews stated / won’t someone thinking of the children?!”

You get the general idea.  While quickly flicking through some blogs (Firefox’s tabbed browser system made this even better), I came across this small example of such which nearly made my spit my coffee over my monitor.

Which is the way to god please?”    “It’s the vagina stupid

 Now that would make for an interesting Sundat service sermon!

  1. ozatheist says:

    That’s rather funny.
    I’ve de-spammed your trackback, Akismet didn’t like the V word.

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