Myers & Simmons, what an indicator

Posted: February 4, 2008 in Blogs worth reading, Evolution, Religion

It has been posted a fair bit around the blogosphere but it really is something that should not be missed and remembered for various reasons.  That is right, I’m talking about the radio debate between Myers and Simmons.

A full recording of the debate can be found here and it is worth listening to. Why? Because it seems to succinctly sum up the entire topic and the sort of people that are on each side.

Simmons came across as being woefully ignorant of the entire topic of evolutionary biology. He did not know about whale transitional fossils … he even brought out the simply idiotic argument ‘it is only a theory’. Yes, seriously.

Is Simmons the best the Discovery Institute can bring out?  This ignorant man who appeared to have absolutely no clue as to the topic?  His errors were so basic, his ignorance so massive that it boggles the mind that anyone who had any sort of high school education could hold him up to be an authority on anything.

As a side note, even Simmons supporters readily conceded that Myers easily won the little debate they had.  But, oddly enough, the forums were that discussion and concession appeared suddenly found themselves deleted.  But good old internet caching, it makes it hard to hide things.  Dishonesty as well as ignorance, isn’t creationism wonderful?

Just listen to the debate, you will most certainly end up shaking your head in complete disbelief and chuckling at the sheer silliness of Simmons.

  1. arthurvandelay says:

    I’ve downloaded it, but my iPod’s full at the moment. I’ll get around to listening to it soon enough.

  2. blipey says:

    The truly head-scratching thing about it is the point you bring up about how anyone with a high school diploma could buy into the Disco Institute’s woo.

    Even at Uncommon Descent (where the discussion was eventually 86ed), the commenters were of the opinion that he lost the debate but raised solid points. Amazing.

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