“I aten’t dead”

Posted: March 16, 2007 in Other good sites, Television

Really, I’m not dead. I have just neglected this blog things because, quite frankly, I’ve had little to say and I’ve been otherwise busy. So let’s see what’s been happening and what is set to happen:

  • The next series of Doctor Who is set to air on March 31.
  • Heroes is proving to be an outstanding series, great characters mixed with an intricate plot-line.
  • Over on Battlestar Galactica, they killed off Starbuck. Excellent. What an annoying character she was.
  • Windows Vista is not worth installing. The lack of EAX and DirectSound3D support is horrible and makes no sense. Oh, Vista is pretty to use and look at but so much is not supported on it yet (I’m looking at you, Hewlett-Packard!) that you’re far better off simply waiting until various groups get the collective asses into gear.
  • I’m on the Building Team for the upcoming Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistant World known as Tales of Moonsea – coming from the same people who made City of Arabel. Beta testing due, hopefully, by the end of this month. Alpha testing went reasonably well.

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