Learn about Scientology

Posted: October 27, 2006 in Atheism, Blogs worth reading, Religion

Scientology is a funny wee beastie; built on a clearly fraudulent basis it is well known to brainwash members, commit various criminal acts and generally has nothing at all to do with either science or religion as we know it. Basically, if you follow Scientology then you’re either ignorant, brainwashed, criminal … or just plain stupid.

Anyhow, following a link/review on the Atheism News blog (which in itself is a fine site) I came across the blog of Xenu TV which really acts exceedingly well to highlight and demonstrate the truly criminal practices that Scientology not only accepts but also actively promotes.

  1. Daniel says:

    Scientologists (like other maniacal theists) give the rest of us a “bad name” for we often become guilty by association. Thankfully, I’ve never met one in person for I don’t know how I would react.

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