Green Lantern #13: The Review

Posted: September 24, 2006 in Comics, Reviews

green-lantern-v4-013-page-01.jpgFor a fair while, your average comic book story was pretty dark. Maybe it started with The Dark Knight Returns, like some suggest, maybe it didn’t … really, it doesn’t really matter. Those dark stories went on for far too long, people had power armour with impractical spikes, cyborg limbs and grimaced a lot again and again and again. It seems now that the greater aspects of the silver age are returning and comics are starting to become fun again. The current Green Lantern title is probably a good example of this…

Green Lantern went dark back in about 1994 or so, Hal Jordan went nuts in a story that made no sense and killed a bunch of folk. Kyle became the new GL for a few years while Hal ended up dying, becoming the new Spectre and then came back to life – becoming the new main Green Lantern again in the process.

The new GL series has pretty much undone everything the Emerald Twilight storyline (the one that made no sense I mentioned just before) did, which is fantastic to see. Green Lanterns we all thought Hal (while nuts) had killed have been returned, Oa and the Guardians are back and … best of all… Hal Jordan is being written like he should be.

So what’s so good about Green Lantern #13? There are a number of things… First, it’s the plot is a classic – Hal and Guy are on a planet full of Manhunters and have to survive, battling the evil Cyborg Superman all the while. Then they discover dozens of GLs who had been thought dead, including fan favourite Arisia. Hal and Guy get the GL’s free and one hell of a battle breaks out, ending when Hal and Arisia hijack an Uber-Manhunter and use it to blow up the Manhunter’s planet. It’s great space adventure fun, which is something we really haven’t seen much of in the past few years.


  1. inaeth says:

    Do you take requests? Could you do a review on the new Gaiman series that came out in August?

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