The ugly face of religion

Posted: September 11, 2006 in Atheism, Comedy, Religion

This little clip is from one of those incredibly low brow ‘reality shows’ where someone goes and lives with a different family for a while. The focus of the clip is the type of person who really does make the rest ofgod-fearing folk look incredibly, incredibly bad; irrational, ignorant, blatantly stupid – all these attributes are clearly on show for all to see.

Some observations and comments:

She does indeed seem to have found god and he (and all his friends) would appear to be living in her ass.

palpatine004.jpgWhat exactly does she mean that the other house was ‘dark-sided’? Where they moving things with their evil Jedi powers? Was Emperor Palpatine there carving up the Sunday roast?

There really are people who believe in the literally existence of demons and devils? There’s more proof for there being fairies at the bottom of your garden than behaviour altering, soul rending entities of unspeakable horror.

When people say that fundamentalist religious people are a detriment to humanity as a whole, this really is the kind of person they mean. We are meant to be living in an enlightened age of reason, yet there are still some who cling to beliefs for which there is absolutely zero evidence for (and much against).

  1. inaeth says:

    I have to laugh!

    I posted this clip in an article, and the immediate response was “We are not ALL like that!” Then they got mad because I was positing humor to show a truth, and then one of the fundies did an about face and completely lived up to the caricature that this woman presented in the clip! Go read the comments at:

  2. Peldredge says:

    Despite her convictions she so breathlessly expressed in this video, she ultimately kept the money …some of it for a gastric bypass (I’m not kidding). What struck me most when I saw this on tv was the utter fear in her children’s eyes. They will grow up seeing the “demonic” everywhere.

    I once saw a young boy around nine in a bookstore in a deeply religious area of Kentucky kneeling on the floor looking at a new Harry Potter book. His mother rounded the corner and what I saw next really opened my eyes. She grabbed the book out of his hands, yanked him up by the arm and marched him out of the store, yelling the entire time, “Do you want to go to hell?” over and over. I couldn’t help think what a scary place the world is to this woman …and I often wonder what awaited the young boy when he got home. That one sticks with me.

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