West Wing vs. Bible Literalism

Posted: August 20, 2006 in Atheism, Religion, Television

the-west-wing-cast-708368.jpgFundamentalist religion, no matter the faith, annoys me. It seems to be nothing short of a cesspit of ignorance and outright stupidity. By definition, fundamentalists do not want to improve themselves or seek a greater truth through analystical reflection; instead they stand by laughable beliefs which are often at direct odds with those of modern society.

On good ol’ Youtube, I recently stumbled across a scene from the series The West Wing which nicely points out the idiocy of never revising beliefs, practices … and also being selective in those beliefs to further one’s own primitive agenda. Give it a view, it made me laugh.

  1. brian t says:

    This is from the show pilot – the first scene in which we meet President Bartlet, and what a way to introduce yourself!

    Another great scene on the topic of religion is near the end of series 6. Arnold Vinick (Presidential hopeful played by Alan Alda) had basically stopped going to church, but was being harrassesd by a right-wing preacher to make a show of faith by attending a service in his church. After discussing it with the President over ice cream, he faces the press and makes an eloquent statement about the separation between church and state, and basically tells everyone to leave religion out of politics. Might not work in the USA today, but it was inspiring to see on the show.

    • Jeff Smith says:

      I believe that this is one of the best tv series ever made. The writing is spectacular. One of the best episodes was “Two Cathedrals” following Mrs. Landingham’s death. Essentially President Bartlett cusses out God (in English and in Latin). Though he portrayed as being a religious, faithful man, even he has his doubts as to the motives of God.

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