Motorola RAZR V3x: What’s it like?

Posted: August 20, 2006 in Reviews, Technology

motorola-razr-v3x-3.jpgA while back I bought myself a new phone, a Motorola RAZR V3x, and I’ve now been using it for a bit over a month. So what do I think of it? How does this phone stack up? What’s good about it? What are some problems with the phone? For the good, bad and the ugly … read on!

Where to start?

The camera is actually quite impressive for a mobile phone, taking images with more than expected clarity. The secondary camera, located on the inside of the lid, is more or less useless which is odd – it takes only small photos which are suitable only for addition to the phone’s contact list. The switch next to this camera is a usefulfeature; allowing the user to manually change the focus of the main camera from far to near shots (and vice versa). A good feature since cameras can’t always automatically select what you want in focus with some shots.

Sound clarity is good, with MIDI, WAV and MP3 sounds/music all coming through the phone speakers clearly and without any whitenoise. The phone is certainly not a replacement for an iPod or other personal mp3 player but will allow solid sampling of music while giving ringtones a good sound.

The case, while large, is solid. I have dropped my phone a couple of times in the past month and nothing has happened to phone at all – the casing was not so much as marked, even when dropped onto a hard surface.

Screen display quality is excellent; size is great while colour display is without fault as far as I can tell. Photos are displayed in an excellent fashion while games are playable without question or squinting of eyes.

Now for the not so good…

The rubber/plastic ridges on the keypad can actually mark the display screen, leaving lines (and even a circle) on the screen. While these marks can be wiped off with ease, leaving no permanent trace, it is somewhat annoying.

The outside display doesn’t stay on long enough and there is no option I can find to prolong it. If it stayed lit, then the phone user would be able to easily see the time display without having to open the lid. This, however, links to the phones main fault…

Battery life. It’s surprisingly short for a modern phone with the handset needing to be recharged every two days or so, even if useage has been light. With more talk time, recharging needs to happen daily. This is disapointing and I’ve even seen unofficial recommendations that BC60 battery be replaced with the BC70 to prolong charge time.

As for other faults… sometimes when the lid is closed, the handset will reset itself. It does not do this all the time or even the majority of the time – yet it does happen with a frequency that becomes irritating. A friend who has the same model phone has problems with entering text with messages, sometimes unable to clear letters or manually go to the end of a sentence. These, however, may be faults with individual handsets and not indicative of the model in general.

EDIT: The frequency of the lid-closing reset seems to have decreased somewhat due to a rather simple action.  Take a small coin (I used an Australian 5 cent piece) and place it between the battery and the outer case.  This should make the battery sit more firmly inside the phone and not cause power interruptions that cause a reset.

Overall … I’ve had four models of mobile phones and this one is definitely the best I have owned.

Phone progression:

Nokia 3360, Nokia 3200, Motorola V260, Motorola RazrV3x


  1. enoa says:

    I got a moto v3x recently as well. I find the short battery life quite disappointing too. I would’ve been happier with a larger external display screen, although you can reset your backlight settings to continuous so you can easily check for the time and alerts without opening the lid. Downside is it would eat up your batteries faster. But I still love it for its fashionable design and its one of the great 3G phones around.

  2. carla says:

    Yeah I have had my mobile for about 3 months and I also are having problems with the lid when it is closed.
    The whole phone shuts down and then takes about a minute to start up again and then says it has no service for a few seconds.

    But otherwise it a great phone.

  3. Steve says:

    Regarding the external screen not being on so you can see the time etc at any time… all you need to do is press the smart button (?) (the bottom one on the left side of the phone) and the external screen lights up.

  4. Luke says:

    This is an excellent phone. The only problem is the size, which is actually not that bad considering its a 3G phone.

    The camera is great, unless you want to take pictures in the dark, like in a club. Then it’s not so good. The mp3 player works very well, as it allows you to change tracks with the external buttons which is very useful if you don’t want to have to take the phone out of your pocket. The screen is probably my favourite feature. As far as I know it’s made by Sharp and they make the best screens around. It’s very clear and sharp, and great for displaying the pictures you took with the 2mp camera.

    About the resetting thing: I was considering asking for a replacement until I tried putting a small bit of paper inbetween the battery and the back of the case- has solved everything! Tried slamming it shut and it’s not reset yet!

  5. Brian says:

    I loved this phone when I first got it, but I’ve had it for about a year now and it’s starting to reset if I apply a little pressure on certain places on the case bottom. Placing the piece of folded paper in between the battery and case has helped, but it is still doing it. It’s been getting very annoying to grab it from my belt clip when it rings only to have it reset before I can get it up to my ear.

  6. clinz says:

    i dont know were the notepad is on the razr v3xx
    can someone help me

  7. Cheryl says:

    Hi can anyone help me l have been given a Motorolla 3 phone and its in geat condition but there was a part at the start it wanted a code to start and then after my partner punched in 3 wrong codes it now says Contact Operator………can anyone please help me and tell me what to do? thanks for your time!

  8. costy says:

  9. azhar says:

    v3x software updater


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