‘Net case: Scientology – interesting video

Posted: July 29, 2006 in Atheism, Comedy, Religion

money.gifJust a couple of days ago I wrote a brief little piece on why Scientology is a scam and anyone that believes in it is either extremely gullible, insane or plain stupid. On one of the forums I look at from time to time, someone had posted a link to an interesting video.

The Video – Scientology: what have you got to hide?

The premise of the video is this; A Scientology church has closed off a street for some sort of party/convention/whatever and one man with a camera goes along to have a look (Note: it is heavily implied that the cameraman, named Mark, has had his home previously picketed by Scientologists).

He gets confronted by three Scientology members who don’t seem to know what holding any sort of meaningful conversation or argument is. They accuse the cameraman of being a wife beater despite having no record or evidence of such (ironically, L. Ron Hubbard’s two wives accussed him of beating them numerous times), as well as being a child molestor based solely on the way he looked. It may be just me, but I’m fairly sure the ‘He’s got squinty eyes and a sloping forehead’ line of accusation isn’t valid in any sort of court of law.

It’s a good video for a laugh but when you realise some people actually believe in that shit, it makes you weep for the future of humankind.


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