‘Net case: Scientologists

Posted: July 26, 2006 in Religion

money.gifFor once, it’s time to spotlight some Internet insanity by showcasing an entire scam … er, I mean religion. Yes, religion. Actually, I mean scam. No wait, is it religion? Oh, who can tell? Anyhow, usually I’m pretty tolerant of people’s beliefs but Scientology certainly makes you scratch your head and wonder just how drunk/stoned/naturally daft someone must’ve been to join up.

Pyramid schemes. You’ve heard of them, know how they work and there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been invited to take part in one somewhere along the line. Is Scientology a pyramid scheme? I’ll raise the question but I’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

It was founded by science fiction writer Lafayette Ron Hubbard who was, among other things:

  • A University drop out (failed a physics degree at George Washington University).
  • A failure in the armed forces (Officers reviews were almost universally bad and his career was full of mistakes).
  • A liar about said military record.
  • Accused kidnapper, torturer and abuser of family members.
  • Fugitive from lawful sentence.
  • Bigamist.
  • Homophobic.

Add in that his stories simply weren’t all that great and it makes you wonder how anyone would give him the time of day let alone follow his rather odd gibberish. In fact, he is quoted as saying; ‘Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.‘ That sort of thing really should make alarm bells go off in people’s heads.

So what does the Scientology group believe? For those in the lower rungs of the organisation, it’s all reasonably harmless – though usually those folk are taken into the group by means which impartial reports have labelled as nothing short of hypnosis. It’s only when members manage to climb the hierarchy (more on that hierarcal climbing in a bit) that even they are told the rest. So what is this ‘rest’ … go and get a coffee. You’ll need it, though you may spray it over your monitor screen if you’re not careful.

Apparently there was, 75 million years or so ago, this evil space tyrant called Xenu who, for reasons that have probably never been explained, brought billions of people to Earth in spaceships that looked oddly like 1960’s passenger planes. He then shoved them all around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs.

Now, of course, there’s absolutely zero evidence of this ever taking place and the volcanoes that Hubbard says were involved hadn’t even been formed at the time. So it’s safe to say, it really is a load of bollocks.

Scientology has been accused of many crimes including espionage, tax fraud, kidnapping, torture and negligent homicide (plus many more!). They also have the odd habit of trying to sue anyone that speaks out against them into financial oblivion (wonder if they’ll see this? Ha!). The accounts of these acts/crimes/etc are many and easily tracked down.

In short; this so called religion (*cough*scam*cough*) was set up by a drug abusing, family member assaulting, liar and literary hack to make a buck. The beliefs are even more non-sensical than pretty much every other mainstream religion to the point where there is absolutely zero proof of any of it what-so-ever. You should probably feel sorry for anyone in the group, since they were probably brainwashed/conned into signing up and are forced to fork out huge chunks of cash. Don’t give a Scientologist any loose change, though! The group would probably just use it to pay a lawyer so they can get the rest of what’s in your wallet…

Further Reading:

  1. hypnosis book says:

    Pyramid schemes have existed since forever and somehow there are always people who will to fall for them! Its sad but true…

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