New phone! Yay!

Posted: July 18, 2006 in Reviews, Technology

motorola-v620.jpgA while back I made a note of how much my mobile phone sucked. Oh, it sucked. It sucked bad. It froze up, sound quality wasn’t too great, the input speed was slower than a French defense system designer and various other problems. So last weekend I finally bit the proverbial bullet and got a new one… (old phone of unspeakable evil pictured)…

motorola-razr-v3x-3.jpgPreviously I owned, used and frequently swore at a Motorola V620 and it was a piece of junk. Therefore a friend and I proceeded to the local Telstra store where she obtained a new phone to replace her own antiquated relic; while she was doing that I browsed the selection of phones on the wall, observing the Motorola RAZR V3x. I kind of liked it so asked about upgrading options and eventually agreed even though I’d have to pay out my existing plan contract thing. Of course, it was then the shop assistant informed me they were out of stock of the blue model, though they had a few pink ones left out the back. Not exactly useful. A quick race around town found that only one store had any left in stock and thus I grabbed it nice and quick.

I took my new phone out on the town with me that night and it worked fine, despite being dropped once or twice. The internal side camera quality isn’t good but the clamshell’s outter camera took some excellent quality shots. Battery life seems rather short, resulting in it needing to be recharged nightly but that’s a minor fault in the grand scheme of things – especially since it can be rechargedvia the two AC adapters and via the USB cable.
The keypad buttons are a good size and using them isn’t a strain of patience or hand-eye co-ordination. The only con in this area would be Motorola’s insistence on their somewhat odd unique word completion system which, quite frankly, isn’t as good as Nokia’s. One thing I do find annoying is the overabundance of Bigpond branding with the phone – the booting up screen, all the default wallpaper images, etc. I’ll need to look into how to get rid of those.

It’s definitely early days yet but the RAZR V3x seems to be a quite decent phone so far that has possibly the best quality sound I’ve yet heard from a mobile phone.

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