‘Net case: Fred Phelps

Posted: July 8, 2006 in Crime, Religion, Reviews

Sometimes it is just too easy to find a complete nutcase to highlight; Rev. Fred Phelps is certainly one of those cases. You read what he believes and what he actively teaches and you are left in a mental state which feels like you’ve drank three bottles of Drain-o mixed with liberal amounts of Red Bull mixed with gun powder…

In short, once again I’m showcasing one of those people who walk the Earth but probably should go away for the sake of the general improvement of the Human Race.

You’ve probably heard of Fred Phelps before. I apologise. No one should probably encounter this man, his ministry or anyone that believes anything he says – simply because they’re all complete nutcases to the extent that it makes those ‘special’ students you sometimes see look like academic champions. If you think you can handle teachings which defy all laws of scientific research, logic and good ol’ common sense then read on.

Phelps shouts out his beliefs at the Moboro Baptist Church in the United States … uh, state of Kansas. Not to label everyone of that region but … well, folks from the Mississippi region, where Phelps was born and raised, aren’t exactly known for their breath taking feats of mental acuity. The most ovbious idiocy of Phelps is his irrational hatred towards members of the Homosexual community, it’s certainly what he’s most infamous for. They’re Bible literalists, which means they take every phrase, passage and word in the Bible as complete and utter truth which in itself is craziness. They use this mind boggling take on the Bible together with badly translated words to justify their beliefs – in other words, they use their own shit to feed their ideas which is never a good idea and is the mark of a true nutcase.

However, that’s not Phelp’s only brain numbingly stupid take on reality – he’s also an advocate for domestic violence. Believe it or not, he’s of the opinion that if a wife or child disagrees with the ‘man of the house’ that;

A good left hook makes for a right fine wife. Brethren, they can lock us up, but we’ll still do what the Bible tells us to do. Either our wives are going to obey, or we’re going to beat them!

He practiced what he preached as well, with pretty reliable witness accounts testifying that he used to beat his wife and children on a regular basis – for such things as not meeting door to door chocolate sale quotas. He is, not surprisingly at all, a racist – regarding african americans as a servant people, not really worth anything. His legal career was filled with unethical behaviour of which it would take several full pages to properly cover, though a decent indication can be gained from the fact he had the most complaints filed against him of possibly any lawyer in US history – eventually he was permanently disbarred after continuing acts of unethical behaviour and multiple counts of perjury.
Phelps and his band of red neck followers, which is thankfully small at around one hundred blood related genetic throw-backs, are not simply content to preach in their own church or even local area; they take their message to the streets all the time … which undoubtedly makes property values plummet. In one example, they thought they would go to a funeral and protest about the dead man’s homosexuality. Keep in mind that these people are not know for their protests being civil, they like to trash things and shout obscenities – I guess that’s their Christian love for their fellow man on show.

He’s also a big fan of disrupting the funeral of US soldiers who happened to die while serving around the world since apparently God also hates America. Though the thought has to occur that if an omnipotent God hates something, then we doesn’t he instantly smite it into oblivion? I guess Phelps and Co don’t have much thinking power in their heads to do with such deep philosophical issues.

In summary, Phelps and company are homosexuality, Bill Clinton, America, Sweden hating perjury commiting criminal indulgers of domestic violence who continually fail to grasp reality – yet somehow stand and act as a sick example of the worst of humanity. Definitely a prime example of a ‘net case.
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