Conwoman given Police gun.

Posted: July 6, 2006 in Crime, News

Over recent months, Police in Australia have been seeking a conwoman who has been stealing cards and identities and then using them to make large purchases and emptying bank accounts. Today, she was finally caught … but there are some interesting bits of information to finish this tale off with.

It would seem that the fiance of this conwoman, Jodie Harris, is a member of the Victorian Police Department. It would also seem this Police Officer has suddenly decided to take indefinite sick leave and won’t be coming into work to be questioned over the affair for a bit. A little suss but that’s not the best part…

This conwoman apparently managed to convince Police she was an undercover officer from Interstate and went on at least one drug raid with them after being issued with a police issue revolver.

She may be criminal scum and deserve a long time behind bars but you have to admit that if this news is true, that she has balls.

Online articles on the story:


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