Cannibal appeals sentence

Posted: June 30, 2006 in Crime, News

From a story found in The Warrnambool Standard, June 29 2006. You really do have to read it to believe it…

“Woman who cooked de facto appeals sentence”

Abbatoir worker Katherine Knight stabbed her de facto husband 37 times, skinned him and baked his buttocks with vegetables as a meal for his children.
But the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal was told yesterday that the killing of John Price was not in the worst catergory of murder and that the life sentence handed to Knight was too harsh.
Knight pleaded guilty to murdering Mr Price at the home they shared at Aberdeen, in the NSW Hunter Valley. Yesterday she appealed against the sentence imposed in 2001 by Supreme Court judge Justice Barry O’Keefe, who jailed her for life, never to be released.
The Crown opposed her appeal, with deputy director of Public Prosecutions Greg Smith, SC, saying the case “has features of barbarism” unheard of in NSW.
Police found Mr Price’s headless body on March 1, 2000. Bloodstains showed the 44 year old had tried to escape from the house, but was dragged back inside. His skin was hanging from a meathook in the loungeroom, his head was cooking in a “sickening stew” on the stove and slice of his buttocks were served as “gruesome steaks” for Mr Price’s children, Justice O’Keefe said.
Knight, a 50 year old mother of four, sat stony faced in court during yesterday’s appeal.
The court reserved its decision for a date to be fixed.

Australian cuisine jokes aside, that’s just … wrong. Sure, it’s understandable if a woman happens to be in a relationship with a bastard and happens to off him if she’s about to get abused – that’s self defence and is pretty much everyone’s right. Somehow, though, I think she waived that particular right when she decided to serve the man up for dinner. A life sentence too harsh? Not as far as I’m concerned.


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