Rose: You need to snuff it.

Posted: June 28, 2006 in Doctor Who, Movies, Television

rose.jpgRose Tyler needs to snuff it.

Oh, it has been prophesised, by a creature who may or may not have been Satan, that she will in the two part story ending of the current season but it really can’t come fast enough. So why does she need to join the choir invisible? Because she has become really, really annoying. Remember that little orange guy from Transformers: The Movie? Wheelie? You remember how annoying he was and how you wished Grimlock would just bite him in half … well, Rose may not speak in rhyme like some brain damaged moron but she’s still a hell of a lot worse than that vocabulary challenged git.

When we first met Rose (in the imaginatively named episode Rose) she was an emotionally lost directionless nobody. She worked in a crappy department store and had a spineless idiot for a boyfriend. She wasn’t a fearless scottish warrior, a plucky victorian girl, an expert with explosives or even an investigative journalist – she was a complete and utter nobody.

But she wasn’t too bad. She was prepared to get in there and have a go; swining on a cable like Tarzan to knock over a couple of Autons … not that it did much but anyhow. Perhaps it’s just that Rose looks competent only by comparison – her Mother will apparently go for any piece of meat on the menu and lacks brains of any merit while her boyfriend, as mentioned, is a spineless wuss you wouldn’t trust to open a door.

Since then she’s only gotten far worse. She went from completely-out-of-her-depth travel accessory in The End of the World to self righteous and quite uncaring little bitch by the time of Fear Her. A prime example: in Tooth and Claw, which involved the gruesome deaths of quite a lot of people via liberal application of a werewolf, Rose seemed far more focused and concerned over getting Queen Victoria to say ‘We are not amused’ than actually doing anything to help. Yeah … great form, Rose.

Simply put, Rose Tyler is one of the most annoying recurring characters seen on the series (yeah, Adric is still far worse … but hey, he snuffed it too!) and needs to go the way of the Dodo. If one were particularly sadistic, they may even wish for her to be Upgraded by the Cybermen and thus leave it to the Doctor to decide whether to destroy her or deactivate the emotion inhibitor so she goes insane and destroys herself.

  1. luna says:

    you speak a load of blah and should have your brain fixed, you are a stupid person in a stupid world, get a life, and criticize yourself not flippin ROSE TYLER

    • Rose Tyler is dumb says:

      you’re stupid for liking rose tyler. you must be as intellectually inept as she. rose is the problem ever since she tried to save her dad she was deemed a problem. get over yourself. rose is dumb its obvious.

  2. Matt says:

    I thank you for that well thought out and articulated argument. Really, I do. I’m not joking, really.

  3. poop says:


  4. Matt says:

    It quickly becomes apparent what sort of person is a typical fan of the Rose character.

  5. Liz says:

    I’m afraid I must respectfully disagree with your argument, sir. While I’ll admit that Rose Tyler’s character did get annoying from time to time, I thought that she was the perfect companion for the Doctor. You said that she was uncaring and self-righteous. Yeah, what evidence do you have of that? To me she seemed the opposite of what you described–caring, compassionate, willing to lend a helping hand and even a shoulder to cry on when the time comes.

    • Flow Dab says:

      >You said that she was uncaring and self-righteous. Yeah, what evidence do you have of that?
      Doctor Who (2005) and Doctor Who (2006), watch them, see her break rules, you’d think once with her dad was enough…nope, two times. I couldn’t watch Doctor Who until 2014 because she was so terrible, I thought it was the doctor, but it was her. The only reason people like her is because of Tennant, he’s that good.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Liz… you’re full of rubbish. Rose was the absolute worst companion to date. She had nothing to offer to the Doctor. I was so hoping she would’ve been sucked into the other dimension. That or have her face crushed by the Daleks’ sucking-type of deal thingy.

    The idea of the Doctor loving her is absurd.

    • lillu says:

      Pshh, really? Does, “Rose Tyler, I…” Ring a bell?
      Absurd, huh?

      • Flow Dab says:

        Yes, it does, because he never says, “I love you,” ever. She even asks later, he merely leaves a copy of himself with her, for her, not for himself. I always assumed he was going to say, “Rose Tyler, I think you are the most annoying and worst companion that I’ve ever had.”

  7. broni says:

    wat is rong with you rose tyler had a lot to offer the doctor, she had her own ideas n opionions to hand across as well as being able to lend a hand not like most of the other companions and i thought it was sweet that the doctor was in love with her. it showed he had feeling and could love… so u can just shut up about her being the worst
    i’d like to see you act better?

  8. Ian says:

    Rose bimbo Tyler, by far the most annoying face on tv, crap character, the series revolved around her and not the doctor. the insipid half-witted boyfriend designed to make her look like a heroine and the washer woman mother was by far the worst combination of off siders ever.
    stopped watching now its too painful, the makers really have lost the plot of what dr who was. personally if i had my way i would delete all of the last 2 series, say sorry we stuffed it and start them again.
    oh and the new master looks scary like the old master doesn’t he (not) he would have made a good dr. actually.

  9. mrs tennant says:

    hiya i love doctor who and thought rose was such a good companion but what you sed was soooooo funny, i was in pales of laughter!!!!! I have got to addmit that most of what you sed was true!!!!!

    love amy(aka mrs tennant)

  10. Bec says:

    Look, Rose Tyler may have nothing to offer the Doctor and this is why they go so well together. He is lonly and she offers love and friendship.
    “Everyone needs a hand to hold” and the Doctor’s is Rose.
    Think what you like but she offsets the Doctor and that’s what he needs.

    • Rose Tyler is dumb says:

      she is stupid. she almost ended all of humanity with her carelessness. the doctor would be better off without her.

  11. The Other Doctor says:

    Thank you , Matt. I was starting to think I was the only one who found Rose Tyler annoying. Yes, she had her good moments, but the increasingly adolescent relationship between Rose and the Doctor was starting to get up my nose. It felt forced – no way could I believe that this was a perfect companion for the Doctor. I was so glad when she went …

  12. EMILEY says:

    Rose must have been a good companion becasue why else would the doctor love her??

    • Rose Tyler is dumb says:

      wow your theory is flawless (not). it’s simply because the people who created the show. IF there were a real doctor he would never fall in love with such a careless dumb bimbo

  13. Allie says:

    I agree with you Matt. Rose is the most selfish and bothersome companion ever.

    = She never defended Mickey when the Doctor insulted him on several occasions
    =When Rose returned after the first trip and realized she was gone for a year Earth time, She did not seem to apologetic that Mickey was accused of her murder.
    =She was visibly jealous of previous companion Sarah Jane Smith
    =Rose was not so bothered to put Jackie through emotional stress by travelling with the Doctor for months at a time; but acted indignant when an ameteur investigator was involved with Jackie.
    =Rose was warned about tampering with timelines and she still violated it to save her father causing bigger problems to correct.
    =When the Doctor sends her back to Earth for her saftey, Rose gets all depressed despite all the efforts and love from both Jackie and Mickey. To Rose, they did not matter.

    I was proud of Mickey to stay in the parallel universe to fight the cybermen. When he told Rose she always chose to stay with the Doctor at the cost of their relationship was a priceless moment. Rose and the Doctor made him feel like a used rag. Only then did the Doctor finally respect him; but Rose, was whining about her needs.

  14. Jude says:

    Rose has some flaws i’ll admit, but thats part of a character isn’t it! I think she is the BEST companian closely followed by Sarah Jane and Martha, this is possibly because im only 12 but i have watched the classic series and i think Rose is better!

    You cant have a respected person as a compainian everytime! You lot need to put yourself in the position she was in during some of the positions she was in! What would YOU do?

    I think she was a exellent compaian and those who disagree are talking utter rubbish. But everyone is entitled to thier own opinion.

  15. Squidling says:

    Rose was extremely irritating, but I still liked her (most of the time) and I prefer her to Martha because Martha’s unrequited love thing gets on my nerves. They all seem really boring though (in the newer series’). The BBC could do anything with the companions but they just seem to be normal human girls from London. I know they do it so we can ‘relate’ but still…


  16. colette says:

    I like rose but i find martha a bit.. strange but i like the chemistry between rose n the doc personally i think rose is better wheres martha is more questioning and rose is more of a do it in an emergecy wheres martha wastes time!

  17. murrungay says:

    all this wistfull thoughts of rose return is even more annoying than the character herself. it would be nice for her to come back to get de-mat from time and space and never be finally rid of her fugly whiny self-importance crap again… from time and space — she is worth using the key of rassilon…to obliterate rose tyler.

  18. Charli says:

    Why don’t you snuff it? Rose rules, talk about something with a POINT in it next time, eh?

    • Rose Tyler is dumb says:

      The POINT dumbass is that rose tyler is annoying, dumb, selfish, and just a pathetic actor. How do you not see that as the POINT of this article. do you know what a POINT is?

  19. Charli says:

    Ha Ha murrungay, she does come back!

  20. Nathan says:

    I agree too Matt, ever since fathers day i didn’t like her but i should of known earlier. The doctor says he only takes the best, he was so angry after wot Adam done in season 1 but when rose destroys most of the world in fathers day hes ok. And then even when she was in a parallel world with her family happy she was still desperate to get back at the risk of destroying the walls of the universe, she became like a dog trying to get back to her master. And mickey and Jackie, omg.

  21. Valeyard says:

    I totally agree I hate Rose she is an annoying Chav with the brains of a brainless monkey with demeantour! It’s time we had a companion from Liverpool or anywhere else the other side of birmingham and for the doctor to kill Jack and for sarah Jane to be come immortal so SJA can never end. I love donna and I really hated it when she went. Anyway even Rose is better than… Bonnie Langford the evil one may she be transported to the X factor so she can be offended by Simon Cowell and disapear. Sorry have I been ranting again!

  22. Kelsey says:

    …Well, I liked Rose. ::shrugs:: Yeah, she could be annoying (what the HELL was she thinking in Tooth and Claw with the “We are not amused” thing? PERSPECTIVE, GIRL!), but she was brave, she was encouraging, she was compassionate (mostly), and… she was human. And she was funny. “Only an idiot hangs the Union Jack upside down. Shame on you!” And that quick grin she gives before ducking out is hilarious, bwahaha!

    As for the romance? I’m a sucker for romance and I didn’t feel it got in the way of the story. If anything, it helped rather to add to the sense that the Doctor is really – REALLY – alone. Although I will admit that having a companion without having a love interest in season 4 with Donna was wonderfully refreshing. I love the odd romance, but give us a breather!

  23. Steven Taylor says:

    Go the way of the Dodo?
    You mean leave half way through a story,without even saying goodbye to the Doctor never to be seen again?
    Seems like a good idea to me, shame it didnt happen in “Rose”.

  24. dr who fan says:

    Spot on Matt and every other critic of Rose Tyler.
    Rose Tyler and her mother have to be the worst thing to have been inflicted on the Doctor, ever – even more so than Bonnie Langford.
    I didn’t find Adric esp annoying – at least he
    The series seemed to turn into “Rose and her companion the Doctor”.
    The whole romance thing was pathetic and entirely unnecessary – tho it would have made far more sense had the infatuation been one way only (need I say which?).
    The doctor was clearly far more smitten by the far more intelligent Madame de Pompadour – shame she was killed off – should have taken the chance to get rid of Rose then.
    Anyway, she’s gone and hopefully the series can move on.

  25. Someone who thinks you talk crap says:

    Everyone has their own opinions, but you’re talking BULL! Rose Tyler is amazing. She offered love and compassion, and as for the other stuff you talk about, she’s just enjoying the adventure! She’s still horrified when someone is hurt. I would feel the same, even with the events in Father’s Day. Rose has a lot to deal with, but her brave, fun-loving nature shines through it all. I just hope she returns once again. Rock on Rose!

    • Rose Tyler is dumb says:

      IT’S ALWAYS HER FAULT WHEN SOMEONE GETS HURT! when she brought adam with her in season one, when she tried to save her father. HER ACTIONS ARE DESTRUCTIVE AND SHE KEEPS DOING THEM! get a brain!

  26. Matt says:

    “She’s still horrified when someone is hurt”

    The mass deaths via werewolf and Rose’s uncaring attitude thereof speak directly the opposite.

    Face it, she was a selfish and rather dense idiot of a character that the writer used mostly as a ‘Mary Sue’.

  27. Tim says:

    I totally agree with this post. The worst thing was that not only was the Doctor apparently ‘in love’ with this intolerable moron of a character, but they kept bringing her back! Even when she wasn’t there, she was constantly referenced.

  28. May says:

    It’s a late comment but since i’ve just watched Season 1 and 2 recently, I have to agree with you.

    Nothing against Billie Piper. It’s just I found Rose to be a very needy, damsel-in-distress type companion. She reminded me very much of a giggly, starry-eyed schoolgirl with a major crush on her science teacher! Which i could have dealt with alone but I found it very unbelievable a 900-year old being could fall in love with her.

    I suppose she was the first companion in the series and the producers wanted her to be an ‘ordinary’ girl so the public could relate to her. I just wish she had been a bit more independent and smart like Martha, Donna or Sarah-Jane (I have only watched the new series but i can see why old fans loved SJ- I loved her after one ep!)

  29. Hekateras says:

    I wouldn’t find her half as annoying if she could learn to just close her mouth once in a while. The whole “lips slightly parted and teeth showing” expression that she wears nearly constantly makes her look even more like a moron.

    I get it that the Doctor gets lonely in space. But to me it felt completely unrealistic and artificial that there actually seemed to be pseudo sexual tension basically from the first time they met, and only a few episodes later the Doctor is all horrified for her safety, like he’s fallen in love already – he, who is how many centuries old? He doesn’t grow fond of her over time (which I could get), he seems to instantly fall for her, when she has absolutely nothing special going for her.

    Plus, the few times she’s been useful are outweighed by the countless, countless times she’s been a liability – and as much as the Doctor needs companionship, you’d think he’d be reasonable enough to find someone who doesn’t endanger him and through him OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE that often and that easily.

    I will, however, always treasure the moment I nearly died of laughter when Rose innocently asked “Are you alright?” of a groaning ashen-pale zombie. XD If the series stopped pretending she was smart and instead milked the dumb blonde moments for all they were worth, her presence would be much more enjoyable.

  30. Hekateras says:

    Oh, and the time she got all jealous when she learned that the Doctor had, in fact, had different companions – who were not her – in the past? I mean, what the hell did she EXPECT, from someone who’s 900 years old? Did she honestly think she was the first girl he’d met or taken along out of loneliness? Idiotic. Or perhaps not idiotic as much as hopelessly whiny and self-centred.

  31. Gena says:

    Of all the more-trouble-then-she-was-worth during the first two series, I feel that Rose Tyler was the most pathedic in Series Four finale episodes because she was so gut-churningly selfish it made me want to puke.

    I know all the hardcore Rose fans will wax poet her selfless bravery for ‘saving the universe’, but thats a right load of crap. Rose is selfish, spoiled little snot that only wants to get her own way.

    A prime example her less then savory behavior is shown during the scenes of online four-way video conferance between the Doctor, Jack, Martha and Harriett in ‘The Stolen Earth’. All she did was whine and complain that the Doctor had found other compainions following her departure. Honestly, what did she expect? After having met Sarah Jane, you’d have thought she’d have known better then to believe that only she was “speical”.

    Another prime example is what happens between her, the Doctor, and the Meta-Crisis Doctor at the end of ‘Journey’s End’. Nothing was good enough for dear ‘ol Rosie. I actually feel bad for the half-human Doctor because Rose will either be the death of him with her constant whinning, or his Donna-personality will drive her insane! One can only hope because can imagin the children? Dear god in heaven, the horror!!!

  32. James says:

    Well done Matt.

    I thought the worst part of Rose was how arrogant she was about her abilities without having shown any evidence that they exist. I have watched every episode of the revival and to date have yet to see any real independent competence of Rose.

    Do you remember when Martha was sent out to literally save the world in the season finale of her season? How much faith would you have in Rose doing that? I’m going to say zero.

    Or when Martha had to work as a housemaid to the school for months. She is on her way to becoming a Doctor and had no problem doing such menial labor for months. Rose would have bitched and moaned the entire time.

    I loved Martha. She was fun, exciting, and most of all competent enough to act independently. The idea of the Doctor falling in love with her is utterly laughable. Plus, she was strong enough to say goodbye to The Doctor. Rose required him for her life to have meaning. Martha however, had her own life and understood when it was time to return.

    Though what is with all companion’s mothers being horrible and their fathers being awesome. Rose’s father was good, Martha’s father was great, and Donna’s grandfather was amazing! I’d like to see him journey with The Doctor.

  33. Ed Darrell says:

    Hey, Matt! You still there? Still blogging?

    • Matt says:

      I’m alive and well but actual blogging has more or less stopped. A lack of time and, let’s be honest here, a lack of challenge means other things have taken a higher priority.
      I check in now and then but that really is about it.

  34. Pash says:

    Sarah Jane Smith was and is the best companion to date. Rose is nothing compared to River, Sarah, Romana, Donna, or Ace. Rose was just there to be a fucktoy. The love between the Fourth and Sarah was immense. The “love” between Rose and Ten could not compare to what Baker and Sladen had.

  35. Hex says:

    Have you listened to the big finish audio dramas? I just realised that Rose was created by Nimrod to distract the poor Doctor so he could do his villain things peacefully.
    Okay, guess I talk nonsense.

  36. A Casual Observer says:

    I’m more of an observer of this I love or I hate Rose Tyler argument, and I see a point in both sides.

    Rose was a bit of a chav, I give the bashers that. But she wasn’t the full-blown one with sportswear and very loutish behavior.

    There were times that Rose was caring and times when she was indifferent. When the 10th Doctor regenerated, she stopped in the snow to ask him if he was fine. She cried when Mickey stayed behind in Pete’s World. She was with her father as she died.

    But! Rose caused a catastrophe during Father’s Day. She was indifferent to Mickey, one of the most main arguments of bashers.

    The Doctor also was! Calling him Mickey the Idiot and inserting derogatory remarks every now and then, the alien’s square with Rose on treatment with Mickey.

    Another thing. Rose is said to be clingy and jealous at times.She was hurt because the Doctor left her without asking her well being in GitF. She was jealous about Sarah Jane and the Doctor’s relationship. But in School Reunion, Sarah Jane was the first to jeer at Rose.

    Rose: Does anyone notice anything strange about this? Rats in school?

    Sarah-Jane: Well, obviously they use them in Biology lessons. They dissect them. Or maybe you haven’t reached that bit yet. How old are you?

    Coming back to the Doctor again and again? She jumped and jumped again and again to find the Doctor and tell him about the stars going out. She almost always missed him. They even said that jumping with the dimension cannon hurts. Doing it again and again? Dedication.

    I don’t think Torchwood built a dimension cannon just for Rose to get back for the Doctor, either. The stars were going out, that’s a multiversal problem. Rose just probably volunteered and helped build it. Seeing the Doctor again was just a benefit.

    I’m just fine about her. That’s all. 🙂

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