TV Shows you should be watching

Posted: June 27, 2006 in Comedy, Reviews, Television

scrubs.jpgAustralian television is rubbish. Complete rubbish. In general, you’d get more entertainment from staring at your bellbutton and imagining what foul things might lurk there. This goes especially so for programs produced in Australia – Blue Heelers, All Saints, various Home Video Shows … and let’s not even go down the evil road that is Bert’s Family Feud which is probably something the Catholic Church should have tried to ban instead of the lackluster Da Vinci Code movie . That being said, there are some gems which people should be paying attention to because, quite simply, they’re good.

Boston Legal: James Spader and William Shatner deliver some extraordinary performances though they certainly have some outstanding material to work with. A completely different beast to The Practice but one I think I can say is superior in many ways. Solid, intelligent yet still strangely human characters mixed with the numerous comedy elements make this the best legal based show I know of.
Doctor Who: This 28th season has been a bit of a mixed bag and certainly some episodes have not been to everyone’s taste. However, with episodes such as School Reunion and The Satan Pit being part of the line up, Doctor Who manages to remain the best science fiction show being currently produced.

Scrubs: It’s remarkable how such a show can deliver actual messages each and every episode yet retain it’s comedy value so wonderfully consistently. I have yet to see an episode where the laughs aren’t present. The cast are great, always giving solid performances that manage to highlight exactly the right characters and mood for the particular scene.


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