Posted: June 26, 2006 in Technology

When I first got exposed to the Internet (sometime in the early to mid 1990's) it was a remarkable place – almost everything on it was free.  Websites that charged for services or downloads were a bloody rare thing and were largely shunned by anyone that had a clue.  There were numerous sites that offered free hosting for websites even; Xoom.com was a popular one because it had no annoying advertising on it.  Of course, there's still Geocities but everyone knows how useless that place is. Crosswinds.net started up as a promise of a free webhost with no advertising but that soon vanished like an apple pie in a room full of fat people – now it's nothing short of a joke.

Anyhow, the number of free things on the ol' WWW seems to be something that is shrinking more and more these days.  Is the Internet becoming more and more commercial as corporate bodies see it as just a big opportunity to make fat wads of cash?  What does the future of the World Wide Web hold?  We will have to pay not only ISPs for the service to connect to the WWW to begin with but also fork over more cash to the owners of each and every site we visit?

  1. tanithryudo.greatestjournal.com says:

    How come Locke gets to be linked on your page and I don’t? *poutpout*

    And re: internet commercialization – I don’t think there ever was a thing called free lunch…

  2. Gordon says:

    Um, because I’m uh, I don’t know…maybe it’s that male bonding thing!


  3. tanithryudo.greatestjournal.com says:

    It’s a male ‘something’ all right… :p

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