Be afraid.

Posted: June 26, 2006 in Reviews, Television

1151208030153.jpgDoctor Who, season 28, episode 11 – ‘Fear Her
Well now, this episode was a bit of a mess, wasn’t it? It started off with an acceptable premise for sure but it was clear what the mood of the episode would be as soon as they perfomed the rather unnecessary TARDIS door scene. The idea behind the alien wasn’t bad, certainly beats the endless ‘bumpy forehead’ style aliens you find in certain other series, but the execution of the story was rather poor. The acting performances by the old woman, the road worker and the child simply weren’t very good at all.

The highlight of the episode was actually the preview for the two parter, starting next week, which is set to see season 28/2 off. Torchwood, Cybermen, Hopefully Rose’s death … looks like it might be quite interesting.

Edit: Of course, the worst part of the episode was the truly cringe inducing ‘The Doctor saves the Olympics’ scene. I have no idea why the production staff thought that it might be a good idea; it did nothing at all to help the plot along, looked faker than Paris Hilton’s looks and generally brought the entire level of the episode down. It’s actually surprising that the same team that gave us the outstanding School Reunion episode developed this waste of time.


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