Bits and pieces

Posted: June 24, 2006 in Comics, Movies, Television

Just some various little pieces from the ‘net media which caught my eye:

Uwe Boll has gone nuts, now challenging his critics to a boxing match. I hope he can box a hell of a lot better than he can make movies, otherwise he’s in a huge amount of trouble. Then again, maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll suffer injuries which will leave him unable to make movies ever again. That would surely be a blessing upon humanity.

‘The Invasion’, a lost story from the 2nd Doctors era is getting animated and released on DVD. It makes me wonder if other lost stories will get the same treatment in the forseeable future – an animated release of ‘The Daleks Masterplan’, anyone?

It’s official: Prayer doesn’t do a damn thing to help sick people. While it’s a fascinating little study it does make me wonder how people get the cash to begin such little projects to begin with.


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