E.T. phone home

Posted: June 19, 2006 in Other good sites, Reviews, Technology

I currently own a Motorola V620, a sleek looking little mobile phone which has all the new(ish) conveniences which I was looking for last time my phone contract came up for renewal. Unfortunately, the phone operates with more bugs in it than the unwashed hair of a trailer park dwelling drunk. The battery meter is unreliable, resulting in the phone sometimes turning itself off due to low power even though the meter is full. Sometimes the entire phone will freeze up completely (sometimes with a blank screen, sometimes with whatever it was displaying at the time) with the only way of getting it to work is to remove and replace the battery. Recharging it is also an effort, requiring the power cord to be placed precisely in the right position for the phone to recognise it’s presence which can sometimes be a lengthy process. When my phone contract runs out at around march next year, I’ll certainly be looking for a new phone – maybe something from Nokia or even Samsung, definitely not Motorola.

  1. […] A while back I made a note of how much my mobile phone sucked. Oh, it sucked. It sucked bad. It froze up, sound quality wasn’t too great, the input speed was slower than a French defense system designer and various other problems. So last weekend I finally bit the proverbial bullet and got a new one… (old phone of unspeakable evil pictured)… […]

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