I surrender

Posted: June 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

I give up. After ages of resisting the urge to keep some sort of online journal, I've finally fallen to temptation and started this thing. I don't, at this time, comprehend the attraction of these things but I'm prepared to give it a shot. So what will go here? At this stage, I have absolutely no idea at all. Rants, opinions on things and stories of interest most likely with the occassional piece of random nonesense thrown in for good measure.

Sonic screwdriverA week ago I ordered a remarkably geeky item from Minotaur Books, a sonic screwdriver replica/toy/UV light thing as seen in Doctor Who. One thing I do dislike is waiting for parcels you know are coming to actually arrive, especially when they take more than three days to be delivered. Curse the resurrection of the Doctor Who TV series, it has caused my own love of the franchise to raise it's cash sucking head once more…


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